22 June 2011

Great phone apps for busy, juggling mums

So, I’m currently taking the iPhone Challenge, which basically means that for a whole week, I will be running my business from the iPhone.

So far, the one thing that has made this near impossible is the limitations of using WordPress, from which Motherswhowork.co.uk is built. It takes me twice as long (at least) to upload any articles, so I have had to shelve that idea.

Three's Apps for Mums guide is bumper packed with tips advice from real mums

Three's Apps for Mums guide is bumper packed with tips advice from real mums

But, there are lots of other things that I can do very easily from the iPhone, thanks to some suggested apps in the iPhone Challenge sponsor, Three’s Apps for Mums guide. Here are some of my favourite apps from the recommendations from the guide:

  • Park Math – my six-year-old son has been pestering me to let him play games on the iPhone, and I didn’t want him to get too consumed with playing games. The Park Math app is a great compromise, as he is still learning the basics of maths, and it’s done in such a fun way that he is learning but doesn’t even know it!
  • AA Route Planner – I am not one for using satnavs as I find them a little distracting, especially when travelling with my children. But I do like the AA Route Planner, which I usually use online and just print out if I’m going into London to meet someone and don’t know quite where I’m going. Now I have it on my iPhone, and it only costs £1.19. It’s also available on android phones if you don’t have an iPhone. The iPhone also comes with Google Maps already installed, which can go a step further by giving you contact details of where you need to go (e.g. a café or venue), with phone numbers, addresses and website details.
  • Babychange – I am yet to use this one, but I think it is a must-have for parents with children in nappies (that includes my youngest!). This app is from the National CHildbirth Trust (NCT) and it shows you where the nearest babychange area is. What I love about it is that mums can also add their own locations and rate the hygiene of the babychange area, so it gives a real view, not just a bog-standard list.

That’s it for now – remember to keep an eye out for the progress of my iPhone Challenge, and download the Apps for Mums guide for free.

Three, who is sponsoring my iPhone challenge has been speaking with mums to see what their favourite apps are on Three’s Facebook page for On the Go Mums, where mums are sharing their favourite apps, and voting for Britain’s Busiest Mum, too!

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