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iPhone Challenge: Day 6 – I’m on a roll with my social media apps

The one thing I’ve been looking forward to is setting the iPhone up for social media – it’s things like this that the iPhone has a great reputation for, and I’ve been looking forward to maximising on this.

Social media management couldn't be easier than with the iPhone
Social media management couldn't be easier than with the iPhone

Many of you will know that I like to make my life as easy as possible – so, while I have the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn apps installed on the phone, the one that I use the most is Hootsuite because it lets me access all three profiles in one place.

If I need to get a message across to followers on all three social media platforms, I just do this from Hootsuite with the click of a few buttons – what a time saver!

And the best part is just being able to schedule updates – if you know you’ll be in meetings or just won’t have time on a particular day, but want to keep your followers happy, you can schedule tweets and posts in advance.
Another app that does the same thing is Seesmic, this like Hootsuite is also free to download and use.

Hootsuite is just one of my must-have apps, but Three, who is sponsoring my iPhone challenge has been speaking with mums to see what their favourite apps are on Three’s Facebook page for On the Go Mums, where mums are sharing their favourite apps, and voting for Britain’s Busiest Mum, too!

Mums are also sharing their apps of choice on Three’s Twitter (@ThreeUK) – just type in #mumsonthree on Twitter and see the must-have apps that mums are sharing.

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