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The perfect date: why it’s crucial in keeping customers coming back

Customers are the reason you have a business. Without them, no matter what you do, there isn’t any business.

customer serviceTherefore, you should approach customer service the same way you approached a hot date… Remember how you spent hours getting preened, speaking to your best friend about what to wear, what to say and feeling nervously happy because your date meant so much to you?

Well, if you put that into your business you can’t go far wrong. Nurture it with good habits and relentless care and make each date (customer visit) build on the previous one. Each sale does the same in building customer retention.

So, here are the simple suggestions for “dating” your customers and enhancing your business relationships:

1. Dazzle customers with your service

The key to good customer service is treating all your customers well but not necessarily the same. Respond to their needs as individuals, while maintaining the integrity of your business. While one customer might need a lot of help and attention, another might prefer an opportunity to browse with privacy – your website should take this into consideration.

2. Anticipate the needs of your customers by emphasising on your customer service more than sales

Good service sells… Remember that date who paid you lots of compliments, made sure to open doors for you, poured you wine…compared to your worst date where you left feeling like you were invisible?

But pushy service people who are always trying to sell more can be a major turnoff to most customers, so get the balance right – a wet blanket is a wet blanket whether it’s on a date or in business!

3. Be a problem solver

If you can’t help a customer, help him or her find someone who can. Customers appreciate your help – even when you aren’t directly profiting from a sale and they will remember that and tell their friends and family about your efforts (which could turn to sales eventually!). Just consider it an investment.

4. Don’t be a job’s worth, make your business flexible

Don’t ever say, “No, that’s against the rules,” to a customer who’s making a reasonable request, offer them a viable option for all concerned. Your main rule – one that should never be compromised – is to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

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