Starting an online business: here is the start-up road map you’ve been looking for

Now, more than ever, mums around the world are taking control of their income and starting a business.

Fail to plan and you plan to fail – our roadmap will get you on the right track

On, we’ve seen hundreds of success stories, but one of the key themes is the ability to bite the bullet and go for it.

The following start-up road map comprises the fundamentals you need to know to set up an online business, or a business that has an online presence.

Follow the roadmap and you’ll be well equipped to start your online business, or start to make improvements and grow an existing online business.

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Laying the foundation

Online Business Tools

Learn how to manage your time and improve your business productivity so you can run your online business effectively.

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Time Management Bootcamp

Every working mum has to juggle – it’s the nature of our roles… and if you want to start a business, too, then you really will need to get to grips with your time management. If you’re constantly late, missing deadlines and feel like using the kids as an excuse is losing you respect, this video is for you.

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Your Website

How to set up an online store

Have you set your heart on starting an online store? Do you wish you could get everything you need to make that a reality but just don’t know how or where to begin? Is the thought of spending hundreds or thousands of pounds putting you off starting your online store? Fear not – it really doesn’t need to cost that much.
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How to set up your business website in less than an hour

Yep – it really doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive to set up a website that looks the business…and, yes, you can do it in that time. These videos will take 40 minutes, and you really could have your website up and running in the remaining 20 minutes…

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Promoting your business

Why Bother with Press Releases?

Imagine seeing your products featured in your sector’s most respected publication, or in one of the nationals, TV or radio…and without having to spend a small fortune to make it happen.

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How To Set Up A Facebook Fan Page

Social media, used properly, is a great way to get closer to your customers and drive traffic to your business website. Besides the time you put towards using it, social media is free. Find out how to use Facebook in these  step-by-step videos on every aspect of how to set up your Facebook Fan Page.

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Driving traffic

Traffic Generation

Without traffic coming to your website, you may as well forget making any money with your online business. Find out how you can change things and start driving traffic to your website today.This video will show you how to drive free traffic to your website.
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Utilising your traffic

Now that you’re driving good traffic to your website, is it having the desired effect  on your business? Are people buying your products or services or are they put off by something on your website?

This video will show you how to find out what your website’s traffic is doing, and show you how to find out about the areas that may be letting your website down.

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