Dresssing for the office party: how to choose the perfect little black dress

office christmas party
Don't let what you are wearing stop you from enjoying your Christmas party

It’s that time of year again when the office Christmas party start taking over the workplace calendar. If you’re stuck for what to wear – or can’t find something that suits your body type, here are some tips to help you choose a dress that will help you let your hair down a little and actually enjoy your Christmas party (and there’s a video at the end, too, to help you choose the perfect little black dress!):

1. Bingo wing syndrome
Select outfits with half or three-quarter sleeves or wear a shrug, so that unflattering underarms remain unnoticed. For hiding really bad bingo wings, use a little pinched on shoulder with some ruffly fabric, avoid big puffball sleeves.

2. Thick neck syndrome
A v-neck black dress helps to divert attention away from the neck and elongates the body.

3. Broad shoulders syndrome
Again use v-neck or scoop-neck cuts, which breaks the bulk and draws attention towards the middle of your body giving a slimmer look.

Avoid strapless dresses and spagetti straps, as these draw more attention to borad shoulders.

4. Narrow or sloped shoulders syndrome
A boatneck or straight-across bateau, will give you a wider look.

5. Big bust syndrome
Boatneck or bateau cut dresses will work well for the office office christmas party as they draw eyes up, instead of towards the cleavage. V-neck cuts will also work well if worn correctly, as they will cut the bulk, but beware of where V-neck cuts widen so you don’t reveal more of your cleavage than you want to. Also, go with thin fabric, so you don’t add more bulk to your cleavage.

6. Small bust syndrome
If you feel self-conscious about the size of your bust, you can wear a padded bra to add a little more cleavage.

If you have a semi-flat chest, dresses with a round neck that is also sleeveless will be complimentary. To draw attention towards shoulders and away from your cleavage, you can use short bolero jacket.

7. Flabby belly syndrome
If you are self-conscious about your post-baby belly, you can hide it with a dress that is ruched at the sides, but try to avoid clingy ones.

The empire waistline style dress can be very flattering, as it flares from high on the waist and hides what lies beneath.

Using a body-shaper will also help to hide the lumps and bumps, so your stomach looks little less flabby.

8. Long waist syndrome
Finding a dress for the office christmas party when you have along waist is a lot easier than many other shapes. A simple trick for any dress you choose is to wear a wide belt to break up your torso.

9. Short waist syndrome
Wear a ribbon or narrow belt around your waist to elongate your torso.

How to choose the perfect little black dress

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