Working mum of two Stella English wins The Apprentice

Stella English - The Apprentice winner, and an inspiration to working mums

Mother-of-two Stella English, 30, from Thamesmead, South London has won The Apprentice.

Before winning The Apprentice, Stella managed to forge a flourishing business career as the only female in the management on the trading floor of a Japanese investment bank, where she worked as head of business management. And this despite leaving school with no qualifications.

We like the fact that Stella has won this year’s The Apprentice not just because she is a working mum, but because she is a fantastic role model to mothers who feel that having children means the end of achieving something big in their lives.

If you’re a mum who would like to achieve success at work or in your business but don’t know where to start and feel empowered by Stella’s win on The Apprentice, we have a fantastic free gift for you – a free guide called Passion Driven Prosperity.

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