Are you too overwhelmed to ask your recruiter questions at job interviews? You’re missing a trick…

Job interviews are an opportunity to find out if you genuinely want to work for an employer – and get a sense of the type of manager you’ll be working for . So, as much as you’ll be answering interview questions, you should also go to the interview armed with questions that you have for your recruiter, too.

difficult interview questions
Don't let interviews cripple you - it's your interview

Try to have three or four questions ready to ask the interviewer that will demonstrate your interest in the company and show that you have given some thought into working for the company.

If you have get your research right and are thorough, a question or two should come to mind. If you have been able to come up with some ideas that relate to the problem, throw them out to see how the employer reacts.

If you have been able to identify some trends or problems in the industry, ask how this is going to affect the company and what they are doing to deal with it. Show your interest in industry developments and show that you have thought about what they may bode for the future.

If some current challenges have been brought up earlier in the interview, ask for clarification and more detail.

The more the interviewer interacts with you as if your concerns are mutual, and that possible solutions are something you could consider together, the more you’ll be seen as a valuable future member of the team, and the more likely you’ll be asked to join that team?

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