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Did you listen in to the radio debate about childcare costs on Radio Five Live last night?

It amazes me how people feel that families shouldn’t have children if they can’t afford childcare. Imagine what would happen if every woman in the land today decided that they would rather go on a beach holiday, have weekly Botox and spend their salary on designer shoes instead of having

Media enquiry: Maverick Television is looking for inspiring mums for TV series

Do you have a particular parenting technique or method that you believe works well? Have you learnt some things the hard way that you wish you’d known sooner? Are you proud of your style of parenting and believe others could learn from you? Maverick Television is developing a parenting show

9 things you should be monitoring on your website

Every online business needs to know how its website is doing. That’s the idea behind exit surveys, customer feedback forms, suggestion boxes and other devices that we often see on big brand websites. Without feedback from your customers and other benchmarks, an online business can take a quick slide down

What to do if you have an accident while at work

We all have the odd trip, or spill a hot drink on ourselves at work, but some accidents at work can be a lot more serious and could have some long-term implications on our ability to work.

Know your rights when you’re on maternity leave

New and expectant mothers have a number of legal rights in the workplace. Pregnant employees enjoy the right to be paid for time off work that is spent receiving antenatal care (employers cannot request that employees make up this time by working additional hours).

Wonga launches new product for businesses – Wonga for Business

You may have already heard of Wonga, who predominantly provide short-term loans for personal circumstances. But Wonga have also launched Wonga for Business, a brand new way for businesses to approach financial solutions at their hour of need.

Travelling with the kids this half term? Tips for being productive while travelling

Travelling with family is great if you can afford it, but if your business depends on you still working, or you’ve got a big project at work that cannot go on hold while you’re in annual leave then you’ll be thinking of just how you can juggle family fun and

How to run a successful business meeting without boring other people and getting no results!

We all complain about meetings which are a waste of our time and the truth of the matter is that many are exactly that because the person holding the meeting often doesn’t plan ahead enough, or doesn’t know how to steer the meeting on to keep people interested.

How to cut your cleaning time right down so you can enjoy family time…or put your feet up!

There’s an old saying that a woman’s work is never done…and if you’re a busy working mum, it can often feel like it’s true. The fact is, like all these old wive’s tales, you can either choose to believe it and give up, or take control of your situation and

Win a FREE exhibition stand at the 4 Women in Business Expo!

Showcasing your business at exhibitions is a great way to get your business in front if a buying audience, and to increase your customer base. That’s why has teamed up with 4 Women in Business to give two lucky readers a free exhibition stand at the event on Saturday

How to make playing outside safer for your children

If you’re a baby boomer then you‘ll remember the good old days when you played outside all day and complained vehemently when you were told to go inside for the night… these days, our children are stuck indoors in front of a TV, or behind a computer screen or video

The working mum’s guide on getting Olympic abs like Team GB’s Jessica Ennis and co!

Watching the 2012 Olympics got the nation going – the fact that it was right here on British soil was one thing, but you won’t be alone if you we’re amazed by the bodies on show either…and we’re not just talking about the male athletes. The likes of Jessica Ennis

Working mothers and fathers wanted for newspaper article

Journalist looking for case studies of parents who work different hours and are able to avoid full time child care and split/juggle the childcare between themselves for article on parenting and working

Four ways to make Christmas more affordable

Christmas decorations are starting to appear in towns and cities, which only means one thing: it’s time to start Christmas shopping. Getting ahead of the game is important to make sure that you get everything you and your family want, but for some it’s harder to get started. Personal planning

Calling all tiger mums: Fabulous magazine needs you

Calling all tiger mums. This article is about different types of mums and different forms of parenting, but I am looking for a case study of a tiger mum who is happy to be interviewed and photographed in London.


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