This week, Suzy who is testing out just that – Med Contour – gives us an update on what her third session was like…and more importantly, is it getting rid of the fat?

“It’s recommended that you leave 5-7 days between each treatment, I have gone six days between treatments one and and two.

I’m, not quite sure how this happened, but I have gone back up to 83cm!!! I have been good (I promise) – no alcohol and reasonably healthy eating. The only thing I let myself down on was not going to the gym, so maybe that is key to keeping the inches off! On this occasion, I’m going to put it down to wearing tight leggings that pushed the fat into the ‘measurement zone’.

For the next session, I’ll be sure to wear the same trousers so I can get a true reflection.

So, feeling a little disheartened, we began session two. This time I had the same therapist, so I knew how the treatment was going to play out. Stomach and sides whilst lying on my back and then love handles once flipped over onto my stomach.

Of the three treatments (taster session and then the two proper sessions) this was certainly my most relaxed. I could even feel my eyes starting to close at one point. The more relaxed I became the more I enjoyed the treatment. Not only was it (hopefully) burning the fat, It was some quiet time away from my hectic schedule. Ladies – we have to grab this precious time where we can!!

After the hour-long treatment, I had lost 2cm, down to 81cm! Hooray! My faith has been restored. I’m eager to see if that will stay off between now and session 3. It will actually be nine days between treatments by the time the 3rd session comes round. This is not recommended, but due to the clinics very busy diary, it is hard to get yourself a mutually agreeable time slot. Especially leading up to Christmas, everyone wants to fit into their little black dress!! I’m a little closer to fitting in to mine!”

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