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A Top Career Choice for Mums

Thinking of going back to work and not sure what to do? If you’re looking for a more rewarding career and have a degree, you should consider a profession in teaching.

Video tutorial: career change basics and what you should know before you start your journey

Changing careers can be a mixed bag – you’re excited about what this new life could bring you, looking forward to doing a job you actually enjoy…but then there’s also some nerves and doubts. This video tutorial will show you all you need to know and consider before you bite

Starting your own business while a young mum

There is no doubt that starting a business while also being a busy mum can be rewarding, both financially and emotionally; at the same time there are a number of difficulties that young mums could face.

Seize the opportunity and the job: how to win the job at interviews

Remember, confidence reflects competence and employers always look for competent people to fill their vacancies during job interviews.

Thinking of returning to work? Top job hunting tips

If you listen to what’s in the media these days, you’ll no doubt feelt hat the job market is very competitive and you may even have convinced yourself that there are no jobs out there at all. But this is far from the case – you only need to look

Is money putting you off biting the bullet and changing your career? Find out how to make studying pay for itself…

Yes – it’s true that changing careers can be costly – not just the course fees, but taking time out of work to do it, and even the cost of childcare so you can do your training. That’s why it’s so important to have more than one income stream. I don’t mean you should go out and look for extra work that you physically have to go to – unless you want to, of course! But there are many ways you can earn a passive income without you having to physically be there. You could be earning money while you are studying, asleep, commuting, etc.

Sales jobs can be flexible, rewarding and well-paid for mums looking for work

The opportunity to work flexibly will vary according to the sector and job type, for example those in field sales jobs or sales director jobs will have different elements of their roles which may determine whether they can feasibly work flexible hours or not.

Top tips on changing career direction from

Finding the right career path can be the first step to job satisfaction and a more balanced lifestyle. With help from, the leading online careers advice service and online recruitment resource, you can start to find your balance straight away. Sometimes you may feel like you are stalling in

How to use your current skills and experience to climb the ladder quickly in the retail industry

Many people reach a point in their life where they feel their career has stalled or been put on hold so to speak. Perhaps the most common reason for this is in order to start a family. Many women in particular will identify with and can relate to this situation

How to make the best out of job fairs

The internet has made many of us focus purely on job sites when it comes to looking for work. We even go as far as looking on social networks for work these days, and that’s great, but there are some traditional forms of job searching that should not be forgotten – and job fairs are one of them.