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How to become a franchise owner

A franchise is an arrangement between an established company (the franchiser) and a local operator (the franchise owner, often known as a ‘franchisee’). As a franchisee, you would be self-employed and own the business, but you would benefit from your products or services already being familiar to the public.

How to become an advertising account executive

Advertising account executives, also known as account handlers, act as the link between an advertising agency and its clients. As an account executive, you would find out about the client’s advertising goals, and then organise your agency’s creative and planning staff to produce effective campaigns. Your tasks would include: meeting clients to discuss their advertising

How to become an advertising media planner

As a media planner, it would be your job to make sure that advertising campaigns are seen by as many people as possible. You would decide the best ways of reaching your target audience, using media like television, radio, press advertising, posters and the internet. Your job could include: meeting with the

How to become an art gallery curator

Art gallery curators manage collections of paintings and objects of artistic, historical and general interest. As an art gallery curator, your work would include: researching, identifying and cataloguing paintings and other items making sure paintings and other items are stored in the right conditions organising displays answering visitors’ questions giving

How to become a bank manager

As the manager of a bank or building society, you would run one or more retail (‘high street’) branch. You would be responsible for managing your team, increasing your branch’s sales of financial products and services, maintaining customer relationships and attracting new customers. Your work would involve: developing a business plan for your

How to become a building control officer

Building control officers, also known as building control surveyors, make sure that regulations are followed when buildings are being constructed. These regulations cover areas like public health, fire safety, energy conservation and building accessibility. As a control officer, you would work on the planning and construction phases of a building project.

How to become a business adviser

As a business adviser or consultant, you would give independent advice and support to help new businesses to start up, and to encourage established small and medium-sized businesses to grow. You might advise on a range of issues including finance, marketing, exporting and staff training. Your day-to-day tasks would typically include: looking at

How to become a car fleet manager

A car fleet manager is responsible for the efficient running of a company’s fleet of vehicles. They deal with the day-to-day operation of the fleet, which can range in size from a small number of cars to a large group of vehicles of different types. As a car fleet manager,

How to become a catering or restaurant manager

Restaurant and catering managers are responsible for making sure customers are satisfied with the quality of food and service provided in a range of eating places. As a restaurant manager, you could work in hotels, small independent restaurants, eateries that are part of a large chain, and fast-food outlets. You

How to become a company secretary

As a company secretary or chartered secretary, it would be your job to make sure that your company and its directors obey company law and financial regulations. You would have a wide range of financial and legal management responsibilities, which would typically include: keeping records such as lists of directors and