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How to become an advertising art director

Art directors (often known in the advertising industry as ‘creatives’) design visual concepts for eye-catching advertising campaigns. As an art director, you would work as a team with a copywriter, who provides words to go with your visual images. Each project would begin with a briefing about the client, the product, the target

How to become an advertising copywriter

Copywriters (often known in the advertising industry as ‘creatives’), produce the written words or ‘copy’ for advertisements. This could be anything from slogans and text for printed ads and leaflets, to radio jingles and scripts for TV commercials. As a copywriter, you would work as a team with an art director, who would provide the visual

How to become an advertising account executive

Advertising account executives, also known as account handlers, act as the link between an advertising agency and its clients. As an account executive, you would find out about the client’s advertising goals, and then organise your agency’s creative and planning staff to produce effective campaigns. Your tasks would include: meeting clients to discuss their advertising

How to become an advertising media buyer

As a media buyer (sometimes known as a media executive), you would be responsible for buying advertising space in newspapers and magazines, and on TV, radio and cinema. It would be your goal for the adverts to reach as much of the target audience as possible, at the lowest cost

How to become an advertising media planner

As a media planner, it would be your job to make sure that advertising campaigns are seen by as many people as possible. You would decide the best ways of reaching your target audience, using media like television, radio, press advertising, posters and the internet. Your job could include: meeting with the

How to become an art valuer

As an art valuer, you would assess how much individual artworks or collections are worth. You would advise people and organisations who want to sell, buy or insure artworks, including paintings, sculpture, jewellery, porcelain, books and furniture. Your tasks would typically include: assessing the condition, quality and age of the

How to become a beauty consultant

As a beauty consultant, you would sell cosmetics and help customers to choose the right beauty products to make the most of their personal appearance. You would usually be based in a department store, but work for a cosmetic company and only sell that company’s products. Your day-to-day tasks would

How to become a bookseller

Booksellers buy books from publishers or wholesalers and sell them to customers, usually in a shop. This might be a small independent bookshop, a large shop that is part of a chain, or a specialist bookshop selling, for example secondhand, religious or legal books. As a bookseller, your duties would

How to become a buyer

As a buyer, you would be responsible for buying in the goods that your company sells, or the equipment and parts that your company uses to manufacture goods. Your duties would include: choosing products negotiating prices with suppliers making sure that goods arrive on time and suppliers are paid presenting new ideas