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How to become an art therapist

Art therapists use art as a way of helping people to express difficult thoughts and feelings through creative activities. As an art therapist, you would not teach art and your clients would not need any artistic skills. Instead, you would encourage them to experiment with art techniques and materials like

How to become an art gallery curator

Art gallery curators manage collections of paintings and objects of artistic, historical and general interest. As an art gallery curator, your work would include: researching, identifying and cataloguing paintings and other items making sure paintings and other items are stored in the right conditions organising displays answering visitors’ questions giving

How to become an art editor

Art editors make sure that magazines or other printed publications look good and are easy to read. As an art editor, your tasks would typically include: laying out pages and making sure the most suitable graphics and photographs are used discussing ideas with colleagues like journalists and editorial staff commissioning,

How to become a community arts worker

Community arts workers help local communities to plan, organise and take part in arts activities like drama, dance, mural painting, photography, creative writing and film and video production. Your tasks could include: supporting existing groups and developing new groups and activities working with local community groups to identify local needs

How to become a clothing alteration hand

Clothing alteration hands repair and alter items of clothing for their customers. They can work in dedicated clothing alteration shops, behind the scenes in a dry cleaners, or for clothing retailers. Many also work in specialist shops, such as bridalwear retailers or tailors who offer a fitting service. As a

How to become a chef

Chefs prepare food using a variety of cooking techniques. In large kitchens they will normally work as part of a team responsible for one particular area, such as bread and pastries, or vegetables. The head chef, also known as the executive chef, kitchen manager, or the ‘maitre de cuisine’, runs

How to become a ceramics designer-maker

As a ceramics designer, you would design a range of products to be made by shaping and firing clay. These could include tableware, kitchenware, gifts and decorative items. In large companies, you would usually: produce designs for mass production interpret product requirements (‘briefs’) liaise with clients and other staff design

How to become a cad technician

As a computer aided design (CAD) technician, you would use software to create design plans for buildings and machinery in a wide range of industries, such as engineering, construction and manufacturing. You could work in 2D design, which is known as surface modelling, and 3D design – called solid modelling.

How to become a cabinet maker

Cabinet makers make individually designed and produced pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, chests of drawers and storage or display cabinets. They may also restore antiques or repair damaged furniture. As a cabinet maker, your work would typically include: creating a design drawing of the furniture deciding on the

How to become a bookbinder or print finisher

Print finishers or machine bookbinders turn printed materials into finished articles such as books, booklets and catalogues. They produce large numbers of products, using machines that automatically cut paper to the correct size, fold the sheets, glue or staple the sections together and bind them. As a print finisher or