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How to become an architect

Architects design and construct new buildings and restore and conserve old ones. Their work also involves planning the layout of groups of buildings and the spaces around them. As an architect, you would create a design, taking into account all of your clients’ requirements and a range of other issues

How to become an antique dealer

Antique dealers buy and sell antique objects and collectors’ items. As an antique dealer, you could deal in a wide range of objects or specialise in a particular area, such as jewellery, glass, furniture or china. Your work could include: buying items from salesrooms, auctions, markets, trade fairs and private

How to become an animator

As an animator, you would bring drawings or models to life on screen. Your work could be used in animated short and full-length films, television cartoons, adverts, computer games, music videos, websites and movie visual effects. You could specialise in one of the following animation techniques: 2-D hand-drawn, or traditional 2-D computer-generated 3-D

How to become a cad technician

As a computer aided design (CAD) technician, you would use software to create design plans for buildings and machinery in a wide range of industries, such as engineering, construction and manufacturing. You could work in 2D design, which is known as surface modelling, and 3D design – called solid modelling.

How to become a cabinet maker

Cabinet makers make individually designed and produced pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, chests of drawers and storage or display cabinets. They may also restore antiques or repair damaged furniture. As a cabinet maker, your work would typically include: creating a design drawing of the furniture deciding on the

How to become a bookbinder or print finisher

Print finishers or machine bookbinders turn printed materials into finished articles such as books, booklets and catalogues. They produce large numbers of products, using machines that automatically cut paper to the correct size, fold the sheets, glue or staple the sections together and bind them. As a print finisher or

How to become a body piercer

As a body piercer, you would pierce various parts of your clients’ bodies with a needle or piercing gun and then insert different types of jewellery and metal as a form of decoration. Your work would include: discussing with the client the type of piercing they want and advising on

How to become an arts administrator

Arts administrators plan and organise cultural and arts activities. They work in organisations such as local authorities, arts centres, theatres and regional arts boards. As an arts administrator, your work would vary according to the size and type of organisation, but could include: arranging venues and artists working with local

How to become a community arts worker

Community arts workers help local communities to plan, organise and take part in arts activities like drama, dance, mural painting, photography, creative writing and film and video production. Your tasks could include: supporting existing groups and developing new groups and activities working with local community groups to identify local needs

How to become a clothing alteration hand

Clothing alteration hands repair and alter items of clothing for their customers. They can work in dedicated clothing alteration shops, behind the scenes in a dry cleaners, or for clothing retailers. Many also work in specialist shops, such as bridalwear retailers or tailors who offer a fitting service. As a