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How to become a web designer

Web designers use both creative and technical skills to build or revamp websites. They must be able to picture how a site will look (at the ‘front end’), and also understand how it will work (at the ‘back end’). As a web designer, you could work on anything from an interactive educational

How to become a technical author

As a technical author, you would use your specialist knowledge to prepare documents that can be easily understood by users of products and systems – ranging from car maintenance manuals to procedures for large businesses, and from instructions on programming DVD recorders to online help for computer software. Your work

How to become a web editor

As a web editor you would research, write and check the images, text and other media published on your employer’s website. For example, you might maintain a college website, local authority public information pages or a news organisation’s multimedia service. Your duties could include: researching, writing and presenting text in

How to become a web developer

Web developers design, build and maintain new websites and upgrade existing ones in line with their clients’ needs. As a web developer you could work for a variety of businesses and public sector organisations. Examples of the projects you might work on include: creating a secure online shopping website developing

How to become an IT support technician

IT support technicians help to find and correct software and hardware problems for computer users. As a technician, you could work on site or remotely by phone, email or by using web-based applications. Your duties would typically include: talking to the client to find out the exact nature of a