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How to become a health and safety adviser

As a health and safety adviser, officer or practitioner, it would be your aim to prevent accidents, injuries and health problems in the workplace. You would create health and safety policies, and make sure that employers and workers put them into practice and follow safety laws. Depending on your employer,

How to become a medical secretary

As a medical secretary or administrator, you would provide administrative support to hospital consultants or departments, GPs, health service managers or medical researchers. You could work in various settings, including: hospitals general practice community healthcare private practice universities and research establishments pharmaceutical companies. Your duties might include: typing patient letters and clinical reports acting as

How to become a local government revenues officer

Revenues and benefits officers work for local councils and administer housing benefits, rents and council tax. As a revenues officer, it would be your job to collect rents and council tax, and deal with the related administrative work. Your duties would include: calculating rents, council tax and business rates sending bills and

How to become a local government officer

As a local government officer, you would be responsible for putting council policies into practice and making sure that local services are delivered effectively. Your job might involve planning council services in a policy section, or delivering services in an operational department like education or housing. For example, job titles at this level could include best

How to become a local government administrative assistant

As an administrative assistant in local government, you would provide clerical support to managers and teams in local council departments, and give information to members of the public. You could work in any local authority department, for example housing, social services, education or planning. Your duties would vary according to

How to become an legal secretary

As a legal secretary, you would provide administrative support for lawyers and legal executives, and help with the day-to-day tasks involved in running a legal firm. Your main task would be to type letters and other legal documents such as wills, contracts and court papers, often working from notes dictated

How to become an insurance technician

As an insurance technician, you would provide administrative support in all types of insurance work. You could work as one of three main types of insurance technician – underwriting or processing, claims and broker technicians. In underwriting or processing, you would deal with applications for insurance quotes. Your main duties would include: checking proposal forms

How to become an insurance broker

As an insurance broker or agent, you would act as the link between insurance companies and customers. You would use your knowledge of the insurance market to find the most suitable policies for individual or business clients. Your typical tasks would include: gathering information from clients to assess their insurance

How to become a paralegal

Paralegals carry out a range of legal work, and although they are not fully-qualified solicitors, they can do much of the work that a solicitor might. As a paralegal, you could work for various types of employer, such as: law firms, supporting solicitors (usually specialising in one area of law such as probate or family

How to become a member of parliament (mp)

Members of Parliament (MPs) represent the people of their local constituency in the House of Commons. MPs are elected by members of the public in their constituency. This is either done at a general election (usually held every four or five years), or at a local by-election if a seat becomes