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How to become a pre-press operator

Pre-press operators carry out a range of tasks in the printing process, on items like newspapers, magazines, books, stationery and packaging. As a pre-press operator, your duties could include: scanning digital images to put into documents retouching images and creating example proofs laying out artwork to plan how a finished

How to become a picture framer

As a picture framer, you would make frames to protect and display a variety of items such as photographs, posters and pictures, certificates, and 3-D objects like medals or dried flowers. Your work would involve: discussing requirements with the customer deciding or advising on a style and material for the

How to become a photographic technician

Photographic technicians develop film and print photographs or convert them into digital images. They can work for large photofinishing operations, professional film processing laboratories, or in retail mini-labs on the high street. As a photo processing technician in a large processing lab or mini-lab, you would: use computerised equipment to print customers’ films onto photographic

How to become a photographic stylist

As a photographic stylist, you would work closely with photographers to create the right ‘look’ and mood for a photo shoot. It would be your job to find props, dress the set and organise behind the scenes. You would usually specialise in one area, such as fashion, interiors, food, advertising

How to become a photographer

As a photographer, you would use film or digital cameras to take still photographs for a huge range of uses. You would use your technical skills and artistic vision to capture images of people, products, places or events, often on a client’s behalf. You would typically specialise in one area

How to become a printing administrator

As a printing administrator you would play a key part in the production process of the printing, packaging and graphics industry, one of the largest areas of manufacturing in the UK. You could be involved in various areas of print production, such as planning, estimating, buying, sales and overall management. Your duties

How to become a signwriter

Signwriters design and paint traditional signs for a variety of uses, including shop windows, pubs and historical buildings, classic vehicles and narrowboats. As a signwriter, your work would typically include: preparing and laying out designs and lettering measuring and calculating letter size preparing surfaces applying paint backgrounds by brush, spray

How to become a sewing machinist

As a sewing machinist, it would be your job to stitch sections of material together to make fabric products, ranging from clothing to soft furnishings. Your duties would include: feeding garment or textile sections through the machine stitching together full garments or fabric products adjusting machine settings for different jobs

How to become a set designer

Set designers create the overall ‘look’ of a theatre, television or film production. In the film and TV industry they are often known as production designers. As a set or production designer, your work would begin at the start of the production planning process, and end on the opening night or when

How to become a sample machinist

Sample machinists are a key part of the design team in clothing manufacturing. Their work involves producing samples or ‘mock-ups’ of garments to show designers or customers how the finished items will look. They work with a variety of materials, such as cotton, wool and leather. As a sample machinist,