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No, you can’t shorten my name! Or try to tell me how to pronounce it!

Is it just me or does anyone else want to scratch something when someone tries to change their name? So, ny name is Joycellyn. It’s pronounced in two syllables: ‘Joyce’ ‘Llyn’. My experience is that many people hear me introduce my name and stop me part way because they think

That time I was harassed at work

Every other news story this past month seems to be about the inappropriate behaviour of men in sectors from film (aka the alleged Harvey Weinstein) to politics. Industry big wigs seem to have, for years, got away with treating women any way they wish. Some critics have blamed women for

The Spare Time Business Course…ready, steady, go and sign up!

The day has finally come – The Spare Time Business Course is now up and live. It’s such an exciting time and I’m so pleased to share these tips and video tutorials with you – you won’t regret the wait! If you’re new to Mothers Who Work, you may be

The truth: How working for myself made me a better mother

You know you’re not in a happy place when you don’t want to talk or play, or do much with your family – especially your children. And that’s a situation I found myself in many times before I bit the bullet and starting my full-time business Geek School Tutoring a

How to set up an office for a growing business

I don’t know about you, but the thought of a new office and all the gadgets, stationary and colour schemes can really brighten up my day. If money was no object, I wonder how many of us business mums would still choose to work from the kitchen table or work

Need somewhere to escape to on Mother’s Day? The Travelodge room review

When it comes to Mother’s Day, chocolates, flowers and perfume are a kind gesture, but we could all do with some me time away from the family just to recharge, rest and do whatever (or nothing) we want to do. While going away for a spa break may not be

Rubbish myths about women in business

We live in a world where people like to put other people into a box. Being a working mum comes high on that list…if I had a pound for every time someone told me (not asked me) how difficult it must be, I would have a nice little fund for

How to interview when you have zero confidence

It’s amazing how taking any amount of time out of the workplace can have a serious knock on your confidence when it comes to looking for a job.

When technology fails, the traditional methods are the best

With so many different colours and shapes, the Post-it® Brand from 3M is perfect for adding personality, emotion and individuality to your handwritten notes. Sometimes, technology just doesn’t cut it, and we need something to write important notes and reminders on that won’t fail us when our battery deism or

Is the iPhone overrated?

In a word, yes! Many years ago, I was a Blackberry supporter. I upgraded to every Curve model, and even succumbed to the Torch for touchscreen finesse when it came out. Then the worst thing that could happen, happened. My phone kept on freezing and crashing all day everyday. I

Working from home: flexible working gets another knock by another high profile mum

Working from home is is less frowned upon these days in most industries than a few years ago, when it was seen as an excuse to skive at home. Thankfully, many employes see i’s merits and this often gives many employees the work-life balance they need while remaining productive.

Did you listen in to the radio debate about childcare costs on Radio Five Live last night?

It amazes me how people feel that families shouldn’t have children if they can’t afford childcare. Imagine what would happen if every woman in the land today decided that they would rather go on a beach holiday, have weekly Botox and spend their salary on designer shoes instead of having

I am more than a mother: tips on having a life while being a successful a working (and a good!) mum

When you’re a busy working mum, it can be easy to get so engrossed in motherhood that your other relationships begin to suffer. It’s not intentional, but you barely even have enough time in your busy day to take a minute for yourself, let alone return phone calls or make

Boris, you’re out of touch! Work at home mums don’t eat cheese an skive off…they work damn hard!

Could someone please tell the London Mayor Boris Johnson to think before he talks? During another ill thought out verbal delivery the Mayor of London is quoted saying that people who work from home do nothing more than skive and eat cheese.

Why are stay-at-home mums having a rant at Cherie Blair? Does the truth hurt?

These days, the majority of mothers work – it’s a fact. If you’re a stay-at-home mum then you’re in the minority – that’s another fact. According to the Office for National Statistics, 66 percent of mothers are now in some form of paid work. The number of working mothers is