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Weekendvy and the lies told about the weekend

It’s not often we get a survey sent to Mother Who Work Towers that make me chuckle. In this case, my fit of giggles was in the knowing that some of the results must be true! The years of working in the media and cringing whenever someone asks what my

Dreading the back-to-school run after the Christmas school holidays?

With children on school holidays for the past two to three weeks, the school run has been on the back burner. If you’re over the in fighting between your children, or the cost of keeping your children entertained, you’re probably welcoming the start of school in the next week. But

3 reasons why every working mum should have a hobby

Let’s get straight into it – work and family life is a big machine that doesn’t stop moving. If you stand still, it can feel like the washing, school run and other responsibilities could literally knock you over and run you down! Having a hobby is one sure way to help

The case for being a working mum: your child will be just fine

Convention has it that women cannot have it all, but a report has provided evidence that they can have happy, healthy children and a full-time job after all. So if you’re battling the guilt of going back to work and think it will damage your children in some way, you

New year, new you: Time for a change of attitude?

No, this isn’t an article about losing weight, going vegan, or anything along those lines – although there is merit in them (if that’s your thing). This article is about staying sane, and staying happy. Here are five things you can do for yourself to help you keep things ticking

Affordable Christmas present ideas for class teachers

Love them or loathe them, teachers spend hours with your child and sometimes showing little gratitude can go a long way. If you’re feeling the Christmas cheer and want to give a gift to your child’s class teacher, here are some ideas for male and female teachers alike.

Keep your home safe from prying eyes this Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And keeping your home burglar free will ensure that nothing dampens your Christmas spirit on your return from visiting family and friends. According to Home Office statistics, 59 percent of burglaries happen during the festive season. Burglars have become wise to the usual tricks

Ditch the guilt: being a working mum is real

The number of UK working mums has more than tripled since 1951 and statistics show that 68% mums now work. This increase is thought to be largely due to the introduction of maternity rights and family-friendly policies, but changing attitudes to work and improved access to higher education have also

Five top tips to setting up your child’s bedroom

Creating the perfect bedroom for your child can be a bit of a challenge. Not only does the room need to be practical, cosy and relaxing but it also must pass muster with your little ones, who can be pretty tricky customers to please. 

Selling up: Four tips to get your home into shape fast and cheaply

A couple of years ago, we put our house on the market. suddenly, everything started to look very outdated. The not so long painted walls looked dull, the kitchen looked like a decade old – maybe it was watching all the property programmes (as you do!), or the pressure of

Halloween pumpkin making fun

Thanks to the growing popularity of vampire and horror-related TV shows like Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story, UK adults and families are taking more of an interest in Halloween. Brands like Starbucks are moving in on pumpkin mania by serving up drinks like their spiced latte. How will you

What to consider when buying your first family car

Having a family is a big step, which brings with it a lot of change and a lot of tough choices. One such decision is choosing your first family car, something which many people do not consider until they’ve had the experience of trying to fit a child-seat, a half-folded

Summer’s here! Get your children beach ready!

With summer officially upon us, families will now be making plans to enjoy all the fun that the season brings. Whether you’re planning a holiday away or simply preparing to enjoy the warm weather, having beach wear ready for the children is important. This way, your children can enjoy the

Looking for ways to make your 16-19 year old’s studies pay?

By the end of June, when GCSE season has finally been put to bed, parents around the country will start to bemoan the cost of keeping a teenage bloomer in the style (they think) they deserve. If you can get through the summer holidays, the good news is that if

How to save £700 on your food bill by freezing your eggs (no, this is not IVF)

That’s £58.33 a month to spend on other essentials around the house…and it won’t cost you anything to make the saving. According to the iFreeze, iSave initiative Brits waste hundreds of pounds wasting food every year, when it could be put into the freezer. Instead, we’re storing the strangest things

Advice for single parent’s from the experts

We all know about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but what about Single Parent’s Day? Single Parent’s Day takes place each year on March 21, but like many others you may not have even know that they day existed.

Looking for some fun (free or cheap) activities for the holidays? Go back to your childhood

It’s not uncommon that parents and grandparents bemoan the generational change in activities. These days, many children spend endless on gadgets of some sort and they just don’t have the same experiences of yesteryear.

How to organise any room in your home – take these three easy steps

This week, I took one look at the bedroom of my son and daughter and decided it was time for a radical change! This as already happened once this year already, and resulted in a room reshuffle, but children don’t stop growing – and they seem to perpetually be building

8 must-haves for every busy parent’s car boot

Look into the back of the boots of a busy um’s car and there are usually two distinct types: the super tidy and the fashionably disorganised. Whichever type you are, here are some tips on what should be in your car boot, so you don’t have to feel guilty if

Is your home dirty? Here are 7 tips to make sure you don’t

Morning rush. Commute. Work. Commute again. Afternoon rush. Children. Housework…or just about. Little sleep. This is the way that the day starts for many working mums – even those who are self employed. How we keep the many balls we juggle in the air is a mystery to many bystanders.