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Top tips for moving your online business to the high street

When you first tentatively ventured into the online retail world all those years ago, all you wanted was to boost your income without having to sign away your life to a full-time employment contract. But your business has gone from strength to strength. In between school runs and messy dinnertimes, you’ve

Mums who’ve made it big in the lotto stakes

Lottery winners are always in the public eye. People want to know more details about those who seized good fortune. What are they at? How are they going to spend their share and so on? This information satisfies curiosity, but unfortunately will not help to know who is next to

New guide to snap up that new job!

New year, new job! If going back to work after Christmas was torture, it’s time to look for something else. Maybe you’ve been putting off looking for a new job and have a list of excuses longer than your toddler’s Christmas shopping list why you shouldn’t bother.

How has wifi changed in the past five and what can we expect from the next five?

Wifi as a concept has been with us for quite a while now, but like all things digital, the technology moves forward at a breakneck pace. Speeds have gone up with every new release, from 54Mbps in 1999 to upwards of 433Mbps for users on the latest laptops. With over

The four relationship New Year’s resolutions you should be making for 2015

As the year draws to a close and we all start to reflect on the past twelve months, resolutions to transform or improve your life within the following year are hot on your mind. However, many of us forget about the other areas in our lives that could also use

How to make international payments online

Whether it’s a stranded relative, your teenage child on a gap year, or a business associate in another country, we all need to make an international money transfer at some point in our lives. Here are some things to consider if you have to make an international money transfer:

Three home office must-haves

Are you about to start working from home, or start a home-based business and don’t know what items you need to purchase to help you be as effective as possible in your new work environment? Here are some must-haves that every home office should have:

Working from home? Find out if you need insurance cover

Working from home is something many working mums want – it’s peaceful (well it can be!), productive and you get to choose your working hours, especially if you work for yourself. If your work enables you to work from home, you’ll be joining a strong army of people who have

Four ways to save money on business cards

Not so long ago, if you needed business cards you would have contacted your local printing company, paid for then to knock up an expensive design (however good it looked) and received your ordered cards one or two weeks later. If you wanted your order completed quicker, you paid extra

Thinking of working from home? Four things you should consider

So you’ve found something that you’re great at, that people have paid you to do for them, and you want to set up your own business from home – but where do you start?

Are you being productive or just busy being busy?

We live in a culture where every talks about being busy, and we’re all guilty of saying it at so e point (or all the time, depending on how honest you want to be!). Rarely do we stop to ask whether we’re working hard on the right things for the

Two simple ways to boost the sales of your online store overnight

If I had a pound for online stores with the perfect products but the poorest website structures that I’ve come across I’d be sipping ice tea on a beach somewhere…all year round. If you have an online business, you have to come up with strategies to help you generate more

Are you a worry head? Five tips to ditch those niggling feelings and move on!

Are you always worried about something – your job stability, the safety of your children, the health of your parents…you name it, you have it on your list of woes…? Being a worrier can be very draining. It can ruin even the nicest things in your day (and, sometimes, your

Don’t be in a rush to drive off with snow on your car…

Motorists who fail to clear snow from their cars are at risk of getting penalty points and a fine and it will also hit hard in the purse, as the added weight of the snow also burns more fuel!

How to manage a boss who is a draconian bully

You’re blessed if you have a boss who is rational and fair minded. But every so often, you’ll come across one who may be so difficult to work with you literally want to throw the towel in every morning – and that’s before you’ve even left for the daily commute!

Five tips to help you make the shortfall if your child benefit has been cut

The government has made it clear that when it comes to austerity measures no one is protected – even families with young children. So the 7th January 2013 saw the axe go down on the former universal benefit (child benefit) for families where one parent earns £50,000 or more per

How to keep your business afloat in an ever-changing marketplace launched in September 2007, and since that time there have been numerous mother-related websites, products and businesses that we have seen come and go.

What happens when you block someone on twitter?

Prowling competitors, online bullies, spammers…there are different types of people you may opt to block on twitter. But exactly what happens when you do block them? Do they get a message alerting them of the fact? Here’s what happens:

How to prepare for being a single mum (or dad)…who works

Whether your child’s father is in the picture or not, single mothers typicallay have a lot more financial stress in their lives than if they lived with their spouse or partner. Here are some things to bear in mind if your relationship has broken down, and some tips to help

How to stay sane when you working from home starts to take a toll

For many mums the ability to work from home would be a dream! being able to take the kids to school and pick them up, put a load and dinner on, and all while making enough money to live the lifestyle of choice… But for many mums who work from