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Pregnant? How to start earning extra money before your maternity leave

Firstly, congratulations are in order! If it’s your first child you’ll know doubt have a mix of excitement and a ting of nervousness every so often – life is about to change, for the better! If this is not your first child, you know what to expect during the pregnancy

The importance of managing your mental health on maternity leave

Maternity leave is always a hot topic in the news. With the pressures of work pitted against the importance of new mothers having time to bond with their new-borns, it can seem like an added stress and a recipe for disaster. Some employers take a very positive approach to maternity

Five tips to make returning to work after maternity leave stress free

If you’re counting down the days with trepidation until you return to work after having a baby, then you’re not alone. Work is a necessary part of life, especially if you want to give your new baby everything they deserve. It can be one of the most emotional experiences as

Four ways to plan your maternity leave so your colleagues will want you to come back to work

While you may be nursing swollen ankles, and trying to navigate the big bump your third trimester suddenly sprouts out, going on maternity leave may seem like a little way off. However, the chances of your baby arriving on the due date are slim; according to the National Childbirth Trust,

6 ways to have a more meangingful maternity leave

Maternity leave can be over and done before you know it. It’s one time in your baby’s life (and yours for that matter!) that you can’t buy back. Use it wisely, and you’ll get the rest and balance you need before going back to work. Here are some tips to