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Pregnant? How to start earning extra money before your maternity leave

Firstly, congratulations are in order! If it’s your first child you’ll know doubt have a mix of excitement and a ting of nervousness every so often – life is about to change, for the better! If this is not your first child, you know what to expect during the pregnancy

Mums: why we shouldn’t give up work

We’re so over the working mums vs stay at home mums debate – if that’s what you were expecting to read, you’ll be disappointed. At Mothers Who Work, we really aren’t advocates of pitching working mums against stay-at-home mums. But we do believe in showing mums how they can stay

The Spare Time Business Course…ready, steady, go and sign up!

The day has finally come – The Spare Time Business Course is now up and live. It’s such an exciting time and I’m so pleased to share these tips and video tutorials with you – you won’t regret the wait! If you’re new to Mothers Who Work, you may be

Feeling ripped off? It pays to compare prices when shopping for in cartridges

When you started to use your first printer – whether it was a home or office-based one – you probably just gritted your teeth and paid the high price for branded ink cartridges. After all, to use compatible or refilled cartridges would destroy your printer and invalidate your warranty, wouldn’t

Four realistic ways for mums to earn money from home

There are thousands of ideas out there about ways to make money from home, but a lot of them can seem highly unrealistic or involve elaborate schemes. If you’re recently unemployed or simply looking to make some money on the side then there are a range of realistic ways this

Don’t let a poor credit rating weigh you down

Credit ratings (or credit “scores”) are an important concept in personal finance. They determine, to a large extent, whether or not you will be issued loans of many types. They’ll also determine whether you get a good interest rate of a bad one. A credit rating is meant to tell

Why you should consider moving your savings to a stocks and shares ISA

We all know that it’s sensible to keep a little money in reserve, and most established professionals will have funds stashed away for a rainy day. However, a lot of these people come to realise that their cash, whether it’s locked away in an ordinary bank account, a cash ISA,

Easy ways to secure your child’s financial future

There is arguably nothing more important than securing the future of your child. This can only be done with a concrete financial plan that takes into account their most essential needs such as education, health and food.

Use your head! Five ways to make more money…

If you’re struggling financially the good news is that it is easier than ever to make extra cash. No matter what your skillset, how much time you have or how much you need to earn, there are plenty of methods out there that can earn you some extra money –

The psychology behind why people buy

We live in a consumer based economy, and the reasons behind why people buy certain things can appear disorientated and confusing. Despite this, there is a real rationale regarding these issues that surround what influences consumers and a knowledge of this can prove to be a salient force in your

Looking for ways to make your 16-19 year old’s studies pay?

By the end of June, when GCSE season has finally been put to bed, parents around the country will start to bemoan the cost of keeping a teenage bloomer in the style (they think) they deserve. If you can get through the summer holidays, the good news is that if

Product review: Filofax meets the cash envelope budget system #filofax

If you’re still licking your wounds from the school Easter holidays, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, school holidays cost parents a staggering £1,500 a during the school summer holidays alone – and that excludes all the regular costs that go with raising our children when they are in school.

5 ways to live (happily) on one income…

No one plans to be a single parent, but the reality is true for many mums (and dads) in the UK and the world over. And likewise no one plans for the one steady income coming home (we’re talking about couples in this instance) to get cut though redundancy, companies

Asking for a pay rise this year? Here’s how…

Thinking of asking your employer for a much-needed pay rise but just don’t have the confidence to do it in case you fall flat on your face? In a series of articles from ” by xxxx, we will be serialising the steps you can take to muster up the confidence

Four simple ways to organise your Christmas and save money

Christmas is probably the most anticipated, joyous and expense-filled seasons of the year. With an abundance of presents, food and decorations to purchase, it can easily become an overwhelming and exasperating experience.

Three ways to maximise your free time at home

Some people view their free time at home as just a precious respite from work, the kids or other responsibilities that they may have. However, your home is the most perfect place to explore new interests and ideas.

How to tell if you’re broke…and what to do about it

Being broke isn’t a way of life…really it isn’t. Whether you’re paying tooth and nail for childcare, or just can’t get the pay rise you need to bring your finances up to where they need to be, you really don’t need to stay broke.

Are you a shopaholic? Here are four questions to help you curb the habit

The school holidays is one of those times of year when families tend to spend more money than expected. Little trips here and there, food, arts and crafts, toys…even free activities have an associated cost. So just how do you curb the spending – and teach the children how and

How to improve cash-flow in your business

On paper, you should be minted, but in reality, you barely have enough money to buy teabags…if that sounds like your situation, then you really do need to hear these tips about improving cash-flow:

How to get your first mortgage…not just for the twenty something’s

Getting on the property ladder can happen at any point in a person’s life. We often have a picket-fence mentality when it comes to thinking about how families grow – get married, buy a house, have children and live Stepford Wives happy ever after. Back to reality…not everyone’s plan works