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No time to read? Here’s how you can read a book a day

Yes – we all know the excuses (reasons) why we can’t read. We are busy working, or sorting out the children, or too tired, or need to help someone in the house do something. But the truth is, reading doesn’t mean you have to stop everything you’re doing. According to

Podcast: Sunshine through the rain – Lorena Oberg talks success after acrimonious divorce

Divorce can be tough no matter how grown up you and your other half choose to be about it. But when it’s acrimonious and you don’t have a penny to your name, and you need to stay afloat so you can keep your children, what do you do? Well, start a

Podcast: Yee Kwan of Dragon’s Den fame on launching into the UK ice-cream market

Yee Kwan launched her ice cream and sorbet business after being made redundant as a surveyor in 2009. Today, Yee’s business produces 18,000 litres of ice cream and sorbet a year, and is stocked in Harvey Nichols and Wholefoods Market, as well as in a growing number of restaurants and independent retailers across the country.

Podcast: The Mothers Who Work Story

Back in 2007, I had just been made redundant and was in need of owning my own words and creativity a bit more. That’s nothing new for the journalist that I am, but what was born out of that need was Eight years later, that need is helping many

We have a new podcast intro – what do you think?

We thought our podcasts could do we a refresh, so we’ve got this fantastic podcast intro for you…what do you think?

How to not let your colleagues make you feel like a skiver

There’s nothing more irritating than doing your job (really well!), working your contracted hours and being made to feel like you’re doing something wrong because you’re leaving on time. But how do you manage that when you’re colleagues are constantly making comments that make you feel like you’re letting the

Podcast: How to apply for flexible working – the proper way

Applying for flexible working can be daunting – especially if your boss has already tried to put you off the idea verbally. But a conversation in passing shouldn’t stop you from making a statutory application.

Podcast: Faith Nwosu of Tick-Tec talks about new app MySchoolNews

Turning a challenge into a solution is one of the most common and effective ways to start a business. Tired of the cumbersome method that her sons’ school was using to deliver updates, and the moans of parents at meetings, one mum decided to make, and alas the MySchoolNews app was born. We speak to the founder Faith Nwosu about the journey to developing her app.

Podcast: Are you trading from the right business entity?

Are you thinking of starting a business but don’t know whether to set up as a limited company or declare self-employed income to the taxman?

Real mum profile: Diane Quartey of

Having a baby, for many mums, can be the turning point in choosing not to work for someone again, but to establish a business that fits in with family life. Diane Quartey is one such mum who, a year ago, decided that she didn’t want to leave her newborn son

Podcast: Tax breaks and allowances for homeworkers and mumpreneurs

Did you know that you can claim tax on your utility bills if you work from home? Did you know that you can claim tax on that mobile phone you took out just for business? Whether you’re self-employed or own a limited company, thee are tax breaks that many of

Podcast: Understanding the flat-rate VAT scheme

The government has set out a flat-rate VAT scheme to help smaller businesses claim and charge VAT without having to earn a threshold amount.

Find out more about the scheme and how you can claw back some money in today’s podcast with mum, accountant and partner of Wellers Accountants, Norma Stewart.

Podcast: Self-employed or a limited company? How to choose the right business entity to trade from

Are you thinking of starting a business but don’t know whether to set up as a limited company or declare self-employed income to the taxman?

20111206-112902.jpgIn the first of a three-part business finance series with mum, accountant, and partner of Weller Accountants Norma Stewart, we find out the pros and cons of both and what you really need to know about choosing your trading entity before you sign on the dotted line.

Podcast: Working celebrity mum Hermione Norris talks juggling work and family and…ironing!

So how do celebrity mums keep the house ticking while juggling their work and family commitments? We spoke with British actress Hermione Norris about how she does all this and more. Listen to her tips for making that juggling act work while maintaining a successful acting career.

Podcast: Lindsey Benson of The Birthing Shirt Company

We love a good inspirational story of a career mum who is making waves in business…in walks Lindsey Benson, mumpreneur of The Birthing Company (

Lindsey Benson, The Birthing Shirt CompanyLindsey is a great example of how career mums can successfully use transferable skills from their career experience and turn into a business.

Listen to the podcast to find out how she has changed the way she works so she could spend more time with her young sons, and has managed to get the NCT to back product.

Podcast: Need help to bring out the maths genius in your child? Maths supreme Carol Vorderman gives tips on how to do just that!

Not only is Carol known for working out the strangest looking sums on Countdown in seconds, but she is also a busy working mother of two children herself. Her eldest child is starting at Cambridge University doing a very whizzy degree, so if anyone knows about how to get children to love and understand maths, then Carol Vorderman does!

Podcast: Daybreak’s Kate Garraway on juggling work and kids, and her business Goodypass

On we’re always trying to let mums know about the benefits of having more than one income stream…and Daybreak’s Kate Garraway agrees.

Kate is mum to two young children and has always worked after having both children. Listen to this podcast with Kate as she talks about how she juggles work and work.

Podcast: Tara Cain (@tara_cain) – former journalist turned business mum and successful blogger shares her success tips

Have you ever thought of resigning from work and just doing your own thing? That’s exactly what former journalist and mum-of-two Tara Cain did two years ago. Found out how she made the switch and what makes her blogs a success.

Podcast: Lisa Tobias, award-winning Dominos Pizza franchisee

If you’re a mum who is thinking about buying a franchise but have some concerns, then you really need to take out six minutes right now to listen to this podcast. Lisa Tobias is just 32 years of age – but because Lisa actually started working for a branch of Domino’s Pizza in one of the stores, climbing up the ranks, before deciding that she wanted to own a store of her very own…or five!

Listen to the podcast below to see how Lisa has achieved such success, and hear her tips and advice for mums who are interested in running their own franchises.

Podcast: Avon Lady calling…could you be successful with Avon?

At towers, it never ceases to amaze us how much mums can pack into their days, and their lives when it comes to achieving success – we’ve spoken with so many women over the years, and most of the time as unique as a story is, some deja vu often crops up because there are often similarities.

Enter Abiodun Oloukun – a married mum of two, who runs a successful business with her husband…and is also an avon lady!