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Choose 5 things to do a day – you won’t regret it

I was listening to a podcast recently and the topic of envy came up. The presenter spoke about receiving a message from a subscriber who was envious of someone who lived in her neighbourhood and seemed to have it all: great social life, gorgeous home, loving spouse and she also

Dreading the back-to-school run after the Christmas school holidays?

With children on school holidays for the past two to three weeks, the school run has been on the back burner. If you’re over the in fighting between your children, or the cost of keeping your children entertained, you’re probably welcoming the start of school in the next week. But

Four places to get free childcare during the summer

With just a handful of weeks left before children break up for the longest school holiday of the year, parents around the country are looking for ways to not only keep children busy, but to cover childcare while they work…you are not alone! So, what have you got planned? Here

Surviving the school holidays: the cheat sheet for parents

With the school Easter holidays now here, many of us are full of mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s always great to spend some (more) quality time with the children. But on the other, keeping them busy and happy for almost three weeks can be a task…an expensive one,

Get your ship in order: How to lessen the load as a working mum

Forget all notions about being Superwoman. By now, you’ll know that it was fictitious and she didn’t have children anyway! Being a working mum takes some effort. All the juggling of childcare, shopping, work commitments, social activities for the children, and then just taking a breath for yourself can be

Worried about the education your child is receiving from school?

Are you worried that the standard of education at your child’s school is far from what it should be? Do you worry about the level of attainment your child has reached and feel that it just isn’t high enough for their age?

Homework: how do working mums juggle it?

It’s fine when your children are preschool age – you can sing nursery rhymes in the car and say the alphabet together while on your travels. But when they’re school age and have homework to do – and need your help – that’s when the real fun starts.

30% of parents are worried about keeping children safe during breakfast time…are you?

Even the most organised mums can find themselves rushing around in the morning, trying to make sure everything is packed, and that children are sent off to school or nursery on time (ish). So it’s little wonder that the breakfast time rush has been found to put children in danger,

Can’t sleep, won’t sleep! How to help your child sleep through the night

With the weather changing a few times a day and the Easter holidays just behind us,  there is a mix of reasons why your child may struggle to sleep through the night. Watch today’s video to see how you can help your child stop waking in the night so you

How to help your child develop a love of reading

With World Book Day just complete last week, many children have find memories of their favourite book character – or how much they enjoyed dressing up and getting into all the fun their school had prepared for them.

Online tutoring: a convenient and fun way for children to learn

We all share a desire to give our children the best possible opportunities to succeed and to reach their full potential – it’s just that juggling the commitments of our own work and of current after-school activities can make this hard to achieve. Adding more activities to your child’s schedule

Is it a good idea to buy your child a Kindle, iPad or any other tablet?

Children these days know technology like no other. Just give a toddler a phone or tablet and, somehow, they know how to work their way around it effortlessly. This has its pros and cons, and that’s another article altogether! The question is, however, should we buy children Kindles, iPads and

New year, new school? How to prepare your child for school in January

With schools starting back next week, many children will start school in January. If you’ve been struggling to get them mentally prepared for the experience, this video will help:

How to get along with your child’s teacher

While you don’t have to metamorph into one of those mums who sickingly worship the ground that their child’s class teacher walks on, having a good relationship with he or she can ale a world of difference to how your child gets on. If you just can’t work out how

What to do when your child hates school

With the half term underway for most children this week, it’s a great time for parents to spend more time with the kids and just have a good chat about things. If your child has been struggling at school and has been miserable this is a good time to talk

How to stop young children making costly in-app purchases on your mobile phone or tablet

This year, mobile app revenues are set to make in excess of £20bn, according to research firm Garner. Is that money being contributed to by in-app purchases your child is making without your awareness? Why is it happening? It may seem strange that a four or five year old child

How to make your childcare and activities for the kids cost less

Raising a family today costs parents thousands of pounds every year, but there are ways to reduce that cost if you know how. If you could save money on childcare and the club’s and activities you enrol your children into, that money could go a long way and be used

How to child proof your home

If you’re expecting a child soon, you will probably be thinking of making your home child friendly. A child friendly home is a safe home for your child and a home with more freedom for your child.

How to avoid high bills when you give your child a mobile phone

Children are so engrained in technology these days, it’s often easy for them to run rings around less tech savvy parents…until the mobile phone bill lands on your doormat! If you’ve had to give your child a mobile phone because they are travelling to and from school but are worried

Can you potty train on holiday? Here’s how…

Potty training a child at home can be a mixed bag, but what if a holiday comes up? Do you stop potty training, or take it with you? We all need a holiday some time, and sometimes a deal is too good to miss on account of potty training. But