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Cheap home office supplies to bring a pop of colour and happiness to your workspace

Your office workspace can make a huge difference in whether you want to work or not. The more comfortable and inviting it looks, the better mood you’ll be in and the more productive you’ll be. We’ve found some gorgeous home office and work office items for you to ponder to

Review: What every blogger needs in her handbag

Being self-employed means that you should be able to work from just about anywhere, depending on your business or what you need to achieve on a particular day. In theory, when you’re working on admin, social media or doing any website-related work for your business, you should be able to

Home office printer review: The Epson EcoTank ET-4550

If you have children who are old enough to want to print, you’ll know how expensive it can be. Whether you use an inkjet with individual cartridges, or a laser printer, ink seems to evaporate in next to no time. So when Epson got in touch with us at Mothers

Pencil… check! Filofax Notebook… check! How a pencil and paper will change your life

Technology may have the world fooled, but not us! One of the most important tools in life already exists in your home: a pencil. That’s according to author Stephen Covey in his book, ‘Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success’, and he should know. If the name doesn’t ring

Product review: the smoothie edition

Spring’s in full swing and the pressure’s on (a bit) to get healthy and looking great. What’s new? Every year, people worldwide put themselves to task to shed some pounds to get fit and healthy in time for summer fun. With news on musician Sam Smith’s three-stone weight loss in

Looking for a diary that works with an app? You’ll love this one!

There’s an app for just about everything today – whether you own an iPhone, Android or Windows phone, there is something to distract you at some point in the day. Serious working mums will know that using a diary system of some sort is very beneficial, but life happens, and

Product review: portable fun

It’s been a while since we brought a product review to you, but hopefully worth the wait…

Get organised with these home office must haves

With all the beat will in the world, there are some documents that you need a hard copy of. Take your certificate of incorporation,  for example. And there’ll be many more that you’ll want to find and  take out with ease.

Product review: the baking issue

With the Great British Bake Off not long on our screens, many of us have had a stir in our interests for baking. If that sound slike you, then you’ll love our product reviews, as they make baking even more fun

Breastfeeding while working full time – is it possible?

Breastfeeding is something that most mums want to at least give a try, but as soon as work comes into the equation even those who have come to be successful at it can find it a challenge. The following video gives some tips on making being a working mum and

Product review: things to do with the kids in the kitchen

Struggling for something to do with the kids that doesn’t involve spending lots of money? Are you constantly being pestered by your mini masterchef to help out in the kitchen? We have two gadgets to help:

Five things you can do with Post-it Notes…tried and tested!

Never one to be intimidated by challenges, I could think of nothing more exciting two weeks ago when 3M, the makers of the famous Post-it Note asked if I would like to take part in a blogger challenge. Within two days, I was in the receipt of two big blocks

Product reviews: iPhone and iPad lovers – this one’s for you

Love your iPhone and iPad? We’ve been reviewing some fab accessories and apps that the whole family can enjoy.

Can’t start the day without your coffee fix? Find out which coffees are spending a lifetime on your hips…

What’s your coffee weak spot? A hazelnut latte, a mocha with whipped cream? Having these once in a while is fine, but if you’ve been wondering why your weight creeps up when you’re working, it could be down to your coffee shop purchases. You only need to jump on the

Product review: back to school uniforms

When it comes to buying uniform for the start of the new school year, it can be a bit of a conundrum – spend less and save money risking poor quality school wear, or spend too much and get burnt when your young ones ruin their uniform. We review some

Product reviews: kitchen must haves for busy working mums

Are you struggling to get a decent meal on the table because you’re tired when you get home from work? Are ready meals ruling your life, your pocket and your waistline? Do you feel guilty your children don’t know that chips are made from potatoes and don’t come from a

Product reviews: must-haves for home working mums an mumpreneurs

Are you a mumpreneur or business mum who often works from home with the children on hand? We’ve got some product reviews that will help make the juggling act a little easier.

Product reviews:how to keep the car clean this half term

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly children young and older can create ingrained mess in the car, but it is a little embarrassing if your mum’s taxi never seems to be clean. The essential car vac There are a lot of car vacs out there, but a lot

How to use LinkedIn to make business contacts

Social media has really made it easy to make contacts with the people you need in your business sector. Remember the days when you had to try to get past rottweiler-like receptionists and PAs, who made life as difficult as possible to get through to your contact? It was almost

Product review: cut the grime in no time with a steam mop

With the kids being on half term and the summer holidays looming, there is one thing that can’t be avoided – the dirt and grime that kids at home can create! From muddy shoes (yes, even during summer), spilt juice and ice-cream on the floor, every day can feel like a new cleaning adventure.