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Are you on a hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift?

If you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a husband or a partner who deserves a medal, or your own father, look no further. As the lady of the house, you need to manage everything. Keep the children in line, make sure your man is going to work and come

Affairs with the nanny: it’s not just a celeb thing

Last year, Gwen Stefani dumped her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale, of 12 years, because he was having an affair with the nanny. It’s hard enough being a working mum, even when you have the money that celebrity can afford, without doubting the fidelity of your other half to the hired

No time to read? Don’t be a statistic… find out how to read a book a day

According to a youGov survey almost 4 million adults never read for pleasure. While you might blame technology for taking over where a good book would pass the time, or the fact that we’re just too busy to read, making progress in life requires that you seek knowledge. So how

Online dating tips for the modern woman

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to online dating websites. Like it or not, men are extremely visual, looking mostly at the pictures and less at the profile information. That’s why it is so important to choose a great

How to find the time to spend with your love this Valentine’s Day

Between rushing to work and pandering to the needs of the children, catching a breathe is often a lot higher up on the list than spending time with your loved one. But it can start to get very dull and mundane if everything revolves around other people and other priorities.

Get your ship in order: How to lessen the load as a working mum

Forget all notions about being Superwoman. By now, you’ll know that it was fictitious and she didn’t have children anyway! Being a working mum takes some effort. All the juggling of childcare, shopping, work commitments, social activities for the children, and then just taking a breath for yourself can be

Can a couple run a business together (without killing each other)?

It could be a dream come true for some – spending long working days with the love of your life…but for others the thought of doing that would be like living a nightmare. If you’re not entirely sure if it could work, here are some things to consider and get

Going on a date this Valentine’s? Here are some tips for dressing for a double date

New Year is the perfect time to refresh your outlook and provide motivation for positive change. It’s a great time to put action next to your plans, and if you’re single and hoping to meet someone special that will no doubt involve getting familiar with the dating game!

Don’t let parenting stress you out – here’s how

If I had a pound for every time someone told me how tiring parenting is, or how much hard work it must be to juggle working with raising a family, I’d be quids in. The truth is, everything has it’s challenges, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible task

How to prepare for being a single parent

With the dawn of a new year, many people start making changes in their lives – new job, new body, new home, new attitude…and divorce, according to research. If you’re facing the possibility of being a single mother, you’ll be thinking about a lot of things – your finances will

Is your family really benefitting from you working at home?

It’s time to take stock: is your family really benefitting from you working from home? It’s easy to get buried in the needs of your work when you work at home. A little bit of planning, however, can go a long way towards making working at home a wonderful experience

Top 8 divorce myths and the truth

I have been dealing with relationship breakdown for many years now, and during this time the myths that people believe in still have not changed.

How to cope with a stressed and overworked husband or partner

There’s much talk of workplace stress and there are many tips and advice on and the internet to help, but what happens when the stress isn’t yours to cope with? Having a spouse who is stressed and overworked can have quite a knock on effect on family life. Dr

The single working mum’s guide to finding love again

Coming out of a long-term relationship can be a sad and scary time particularly if you have young children to look after, but it can be liberating and exciting too. Once you feel ready to meet someone new, you might find that the world has changed a bit since you

‘Playful tiff’ or domestic violence?

The issue of domestic violence has hit the headlines this week following a popular celebrity chef being publicly assaulted by her husband when he apparently grabbed her by the throat. Having been caught on camera, the husband later dismissed and minimised his actions as a ‘playful tiff’. However he subsequently

Top 10 things couples hate about each other

Some things never change when it comes to relationships, but spending a few days with the family and having the stresses of Christmas all rolled into a few days can heighten irritations at home.

How to prepare for being a single mum (or dad)…who works

Whether your child’s father is in the picture or not, single mothers typicallay have a lot more financial stress in their lives than if they lived with their spouse or partner. Here are some things to bear in mind if your relationship has broken down, and some tips to help

Divorce and the family business: what the law says about family businesses and what happens after break up

Michelle Mone seemingly has it all – founder of the successful Ultimo bra company, married with three children and living a jet-set lifestyle which takes her all over the world to promote her business, which is worth an estimated £50m. So the news earlier this year that Mone was to

How to stay positive in your business when your spouse or partner is unsupportive

Started an online business can be an exciting and daunting prospect, but when you’ve got no support from those nearest and dearest to you it can feel like an uphill struggle. So – before you start thinking divorce, or ditching your business altogether, here are some tips to help you