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Get tight abs before summer. The no-crunch workout

Crunches, planks, elbow to knee sit-ups…they all seem like a lot of back-breaking effort. And, well, not all of us want to roll out a yoga mat to firm up our wobbly bits…or get our hair dirty. So, has been on the lookout for tips and advice on how

Easy workouts for even the busiest (and can’t be bothered) working mum

Daily exercise is important – if recent news on the unhealthy lifestyles of Brits is anything to go by, we should all be doing British Military-style bootcamps for the rest of our lives. However, many health-conscious middle aged women complain that they simply lack the motivation to exercise. But a

Tips for mums to stay fit…cost free

Keeping fit and healthy is extremely important for everybody but building a fitness routine into daily lifestyle is not an easy task. Many people will go to the gym or go for a jog to stay physically fit but not everybody can afford the high monthly cost that gym membership

Three ways busy working mums can get a total body workout for a tenner or less

The calendar might say we’re in summer but the weather is saying something completely different. But that doesn’t have to be a complete negative. If you’ve been feeling a little body conscious, nows your chance to tone up a bit while the weather sorts itself out. Working up is a

Office exercises to do on the sly

You did it! You got your first step on the career ladder and you absolutely love it – you love how challenging it is, how it lets you be creative and how it lets your skills flourish.