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Seven secrets of unflappable the working mother

We’ve all seen her at the school gates: immaculate makeup, hair glossy and chic, pristine Shellac nails and not a crease in sight (forehead and clothes, that is). Somehow, while other working mums at the school gate seem to have their off days, this one particular working mother doesn’t ever

Choose 5 things to do a day – you won’t regret it

I was listening to a podcast recently and the topic of envy came up. The presenter spoke about receiving a message from a subscriber who was envious of someone who lived in her neighbourhood and seemed to have it all: great social life, gorgeous home, loving spouse and she also

The truth: How working for myself made me a better mother

You know you’re not in a happy place when you don’t want to talk or play, or do much with your family – especially your children. And that’s a situation I found myself in many times before I bit the bullet and starting my full-time business Geek School Tutoring a

Forget new year’s resolutions – draw your life instead

Every year, half the planet probably draws up a list of must-dos. You can guess them already, can’t you? The infamous bucket-list of things to do that will revolutionalise a part of or all of our existence. Nah! Come the end of January, when all the guilt of slipping up

Dreading the back-to-school run after the Christmas school holidays?

With children on school holidays for the past two to three weeks, the school run has been on the back burner. If you’re over the in fighting between your children, or the cost of keeping your children entertained, you’re probably welcoming the start of school in the next week. But

How to cope on those tough days of motherhood

Whether it’s the return to work after mater it’s leave and stressing about childcare, sleep deprivation from tending to a sick child during the night, or just the toll that working and juggling family life can take on us working mums, were still expected to battle through regardless. It can

How to have a ‘Miracle Morning’

There comes a time in our lives when we decide to make big changes. Sometimes, it’s about making a huge overhaul and other times it’s about making a small change that will impact our lives for the better (hopefully!). Mine was the death of my mother, whom I loved dearly

What does a bullet and a journal have in common – and why you should care!

When technology fails, the traditional, fail-safe methods are what we gravitate towards. You may ignore a reminder, forget to add an important meeting to your Google Calandar, or your battery might run out on your smartphone when you desperately need to confirm a date. But a notebook or a bullet

How to face your fears in your career and business

There’s enough negativity in the world without letting your own thoughts destroy your chance of achieving your dreams before you’ve even started. Do you sometimes want to bite the bullet and go on a particular course, or start a part-time business from home but don’t know why you keep holding

The case for being a working mum: your child will be just fine

Convention has it that women cannot have it all, but a report has provided evidence that they can have happy, healthy children and a full-time job after all. So if you’re battling the guilt of going back to work and think it will damage your children in some way, you

New year, new you: Time for a change of attitude?

No, this isn’t an article about losing weight, going vegan, or anything along those lines – although there is merit in them (if that’s your thing). This article is about staying sane, and staying happy. Here are five things you can do for yourself to help you keep things ticking

No time to read? Don’t be a statistic… find out how to read a book a day

According to a youGov survey almost 4 million adults never read for pleasure. While you might blame technology for taking over where a good book would pass the time, or the fact that we’re just too busy to read, making progress in life requires that you seek knowledge. So how

Are you a boss: wellbeing is crucial for happy staff

Workplace absence is always a hot topic, with the average worker being absent from work for 8.4 days per year. A survey by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) found that the most working days were lost to musculoskeletal problems, such as back and neck pain. While these conditions result

Going cold turkey: How to detox digitally

If you find yourself increasingly unable to put your mobile, laptop or other gadget down and take a break or have a simple conversation, then you could be turning into a digital zombie. If your life seems to revolve around social media, emails and constant information overload then you need

How to use your weekends effectively so you stop being scatty during the week

Sunday may soon be over but today’s feature will help you next week (and the weeks to come). You’ll learn how to get your Organisation Queen crown on and make your week run like a Stepford wife, but with personality! Most of us use the weekend to spend time with

How to get to sleep when you can’t switch your brain off

According to a recent survey, stress from work steals one hour and 40 minutes of sleep from employees every year. If you’re a teacher, nurse or a banker and are always struggling to get some sleep, you are amongst the most sleep deprived workers in the UK.

Worried, overworked, stressed, baby who won’t stop crying or just too tired to sleep…there are so many reasons why you might not be able to get some shut eye at bedtime.

Here are some tips to ensure that you get some much-needed snooze when the clock’s against you.

5 habits of highly organised people…and how you can become one, too

We all know someone who seems to be on top of everything in their lives – the children are ferried to and fro without any issue, they get to work early (never mind on time), they always look immaculate and they never seem to break out in a sweat. If

Is your home dirty? Here are 7 tips to make sure you don’t

Morning rush. Commute. Work. Commute again. Afternoon rush. Children. Housework…or just about. Little sleep. This is the way that the day starts for many working mums – even those who are self employed. How we keep the many balls we juggle in the air is a mystery to many bystanders.

10 tips to help you function better when you’re tired

Whether it’s a new baby, or just the demands of juggling your family’s commitments with working for someone else or yourself, it can get tiring after a while. Being exhausted with a newborn, and/or work can be unrelenting, and it can make even the most basic and simple of jobs

Get your ship in order: How to lessen the load as a working mum

Forget all notions about being Superwoman. By now, you’ll know that it was fictitious and she didn’t have children anyway! Being a working mum takes some effort. All the juggling of childcare, shopping, work commitments, social activities for the children, and then just taking a breath for yourself can be