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Top tips for moving your online business to the high street

When you first tentatively ventured into the online retail world all those years ago, all you wanted was to boost your income without having to sign away your life to a full-time employment contract. But your business has gone from strength to strength. In between school runs and messy dinnertimes, you’ve

Mums who’ve made it big in the lotto stakes

Lottery winners are always in the public eye. People want to know more details about those who seized good fortune. What are they at? How are they going to spend their share and so on? This information satisfies curiosity, but unfortunately will not help to know who is next to

New guide to snap up that new job!

New year, new job! If going back to work after Christmas was torture, it’s time to look for something else. Maybe you’ve been putting off looking for a new job and have a list of excuses longer than your toddler’s Christmas shopping list why you shouldn’t bother.

How has wifi changed in the past five and what can we expect from the next five?

Wifi as a concept has been with us for quite a while now, but like all things digital, the technology moves forward at a breakneck pace. Speeds have gone up with every new release, from 54Mbps in 1999 to upwards of 433Mbps for users on the latest laptops. With over

The four relationship New Year’s resolutions you should be making for 2015

As the year draws to a close and we all start to reflect on the past twelve months, resolutions to transform or improve your life within the following year are hot on your mind. However, many of us forget about the other areas in our lives that could also use

How to make international payments online

Whether it’s a stranded relative, your teenage child on a gap year, or a business associate in another country, we all need to make an international money transfer at some point in our lives. Here are some things to consider if you have to make an international money transfer:

Three home office must-haves

Are you about to start working from home, or start a home-based business and don’t know what items you need to purchase to help you be as effective as possible in your new work environment? Here are some must-haves that every home office should have:

Working from home? Find out if you need insurance cover

Working from home is something many working mums want – it’s peaceful (well it can be!), productive and you get to choose your working hours, especially if you work for yourself. If your work enables you to work from home, you’ll be joining a strong army of people who have

Four ways to save money on business cards

Not so long ago, if you needed business cards you would have contacted your local printing company, paid for then to knock up an expensive design (however good it looked) and received your ordered cards one or two weeks later. If you wanted your order completed quicker, you paid extra

Thinking of working from home? Four things you should consider

So you’ve found something that you’re great at, that people have paid you to do for them, and you want to set up your own business from home – but where do you start?

Are you being productive or just busy being busy?

We live in a culture where every talks about being busy, and we’re all guilty of saying it at so e point (or all the time, depending on how honest you want to be!). Rarely do we stop to ask whether we’re working hard on the right things for the

How to treat important clients to make sure they sign up big

Many a successful company starts with just one person, who creates an illusion of being a lot bigger than they really are. But when the first big contract comes in, you can change your fortunes. The only problem is, when it’s just you doing the day-to-day admin, providing the products

How to dress for interviews…and do you really need to wear a suit?

Making the best impression at job interviews is not always about what you say. Your clothes, hair and overall look can speak volumes. If you’ve been out of work for a while, or are branching into a new career or sector, you may wonder what the protocol is style wise…it

Free your family from secondhand smoke

As a working mother, you know the pressures of trying to keep up in the working world while also making sure your family is well taken care of. You know what it’s like to work long hours and feel under-appreciated. Yet your commitment to family keeps you pressing on day

How to win the job war against young, cheaper graduates

When you’ve spent time out of work making the decision to return to work can be a daunting prospect. You may have tackled the demands of being a parent, a 24-hour job – but the office is a different game. You may be worried that there are younger, cheaper,  ‘more employable’ competitors

Health and safety advice for work at home mums

Working from home is a great option for many mums. It tends to be a lot more flexible than a typical nine-to-five job and allows parents to spend more time with their little ones. If you do want to go it alone, however, it’s important to create an adequate workspace

Marketing: why your business needs it

Marketing is all about showing your potential customers why they are going to buy your product or service when there are so many competitors doing a similar thing. That is the basic principle behind marketing, and with that clear objective in mind you can move forward and put together a

How to keep an eye on the kids while working from home

Looking after children is a full-time job, so much credit goes out to business mums and mumpreneurs who regularly juggle looking after the kids with working from home. If this is something you want to do and don’t know how to make working from home while looking after the kids

What is professional indemnity insurance and why is it necessary?

We live in a world where compensation claims have entered the popular psyche. This puts the individual and more prevalently the business owner at great risk of being sued. Some of these claims may be entirely justifiable due to gross professional negligence whereas others may be more innocuous; the point

Three ways collaborative working helps your business succeed

It’s been an industry buzzword for a couple of years now but collaborative working seems to have exploded in popularity in the last year; with new co-working centres being set up in Bath and London and in many other cities across the UK.