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The working mum’s guide to car finance

Owning a car has become an important aspect of modern day life. They provide the freedom to go where you like, whenever you like, and also play a vital role in getting people from a to b, whether it be to and from work or perhaps to a doctor’s appointment

Employers should develop mothers, finds study

A new study of 2,000 working women has revealed that six out of 10 think their careers are ‘derailed;’ citing that they face open discrimination after becoming pregnant, while less experienced colleagues have been promoted ahead of them. The research was commissioned by law firm Slater & Gordon, which represents hundreds

Breastfeeding after a boob job: is it possible?

A very popular procedure that many women choose to undertake is a breast augmentation, with thousands of women opting to go under the knife each year.

Free English and maths workshops for children

Of all the subjects that children learn throughout their school lives, the two most important are English and maths. Forget about the classical studies, philosophy and the like – if you can’t read and write, or do basic sums, life can be a little more difficult in the real world.

30% of parents are worried about keeping children safe during breakfast time…are you?

Even the most organised mums can find themselves rushing around in the morning, trying to make sure everything is packed, and that children are sent off to school or nursery on time (ish). So it’s little wonder that the breakfast time rush has been found to put children in danger,

Four things you never thought you should do to get a job

Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you walk around the motorway with a lanyard strapped to you, buggy in tow! Here are some easy and realistic things you can do:

Got a memory like a sieve? Here are some tips to help

Baby brain really does exist – well according to researchers at the University of London, anyway! If you keep forgetting things, are a ‘little’ oversensitive at times and find it harder to stay focused, there may well be a valid reason for it. Examining the brain activity of 39 pregnant

Are you a mum in business? We want to hear from you!

Calling all mums in business. We want to hear your story if your business has been running for more than a year. How did you start out? How did you fund your business? How have you managed to run your business and juggle the demands of family life? Complete the

Can you really work out someone’s personality just by looking at their handwriting?

Maybe it’s because I’m a psychology graduate…or that I’m curious by nature. Or both! But when the opportunity came up to have my handwriting analysed by a graphologist I didn’t need to be asked twice.

The new ISA explained

Have you hear about the New ISA that the Chancellor George Osborne has announced – the NISA? If you like saving, you’ll know that the current ISA allows us to save £5,760 in cash every year tax free.

Are you getting your money’s worth for your time?

Do you ever feel like you’re always doing a lot more for the money you get? If you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, you could be right!

How to help a child that’s falling behind at school

Let’s face it, with all the best will in the world, not every child is going to be like Einstein (and neither should they!), but you as a parent will know when your child is falling behind at school. So what can you do about it? Here are some tips:

Could you survive the Slim.Fast challenge?

Now that the weather is warming up (a little), the reminder that summer isn’t far off is not far from most of our minds – especially where those jiggly bits are concerned. Losing weight can be such a chore, so we’re always up for finding ways to make it as

Video: how to make a studded or embellished shirt collar

Keeping up with the latest fashion can be costly. If you’re smart, you’ll be cutting back and saving as much money as you can in 2014. And one way to do that is with a little DIY where possible – even clothes. Watch today’s video on how to make a

Learn to talk to yourself in 2014

There is a saying that talking to oneself is the first sign of madness, but self-talk can be a great step to take when you want to make yourself happy. I’m not suggesting for a moment that you sit on the train or bus having a full-on conversation with yourself…that

Fun games for working mums top play on a girls’ night in

Working mothers often find themselves needing to relax and unwind after a long day of work and caring for the kids. After they have gone to bed for the night, many mums turn to online casino games that they can play in order to help them de-stress and have some

How to keep your child’s teeth healthy

The cost of dental care can be prohibitive. The high price of visiting the dentist prevents many adults from taking good care of their teeth as they commonly report. Maintenance work such as fillings and tooth extraction, not to mention cosmetic work will put a large dent in your wallet.

Oops I did it again! What do do when you send out an email you shouldn’t

We’ve all done it before…pressed the send button and then realised that the email was too harsh,  or included not so complimentary comments about one of the people on the recipients’ list. Short of damaging your professional standing in your company for life, this is one of those moments that

How to write an invoice

Writing an invoice for the first time can be a daunting prospect. How do you claim the money for work, services or products supplied in a professional looking manner, and make it so that the receiver pays on time – or at all? There really is nothing to fear, though.

Three simple rules for choosing a market for your business – plus a list of 20 markets to think about starting a business in

We often get asked by women who want to start making money online how to start, and one of the areas they often don’t consider is how they should go about choosing a market, sector or niche for business. We’ll be providing you a list of markets to consider a