What to do when your client won’t pay up

You’re waiting for your payment from a client, but it’s well overdue. What should you do to get your well-earned paycheck? The last thing you want to do is begin a feud that you can’t afford and quite frankly shouldn’t have to deal with. Instead of things getting messy and spiralling out of control, go through these steps and escalate the problem further if need be. Continue reading

10 Great Startups We Will Hear About in 2017

Great ideas always have the potential to succeed, even when the economic conditions are not exactly favourable.

2016 has led to the emergence of some already well-established start-ups on the market and has seen the emergence of innovative businesses that range in every field: from cancer research to solutions to deliver faster and more powerful connections to the fierce competition. Let’s see which of these start-ups, launched in recent years, will develop rapidly in 2017 thanks to all the potential of their great ideas. Continue reading

Short-term and online courses: new career opportunities without giving up work-life balance

Managing both a successful career and a happy family can be tricky for all parents out there, and even more pressure is put on mothers especially.
In a recent article, Forbes refers to “mommy wars”, this intense divide between stay-at-home mums and working mothers. It may sound rather unimportant, but it’s actually a complicated societal issue with gender inequality at work, guilt brought on by motherhood at its core.

Luckily thanks to the wide choice of online and short term courses available these days, mothers don’t have to give up on all their career-related dreams even when they feel short on time and caught-up in the family routine. Online moocs especially have been enjoying an increasing popularity over the past years. The diversity of free courses available is a big advantage for many students: “Studying long distance like this is flexible and you do get the required support. It might develop you in ways you never dreamed possible.”

More flexible and to the point, these courses can truly boost your career faster than ever before so you don’t have to sacrifice family time. Here we take a look at some of the most in-demand and profitable short-term training courses to give you that edge in the workplace so you can achieve the perfect work-life balance.

1. Entrepreneurship

 If you’re looking for a better work-life balance, becoming an entrepreneur might be the ideal solution so you’re able to manage your own schedule around your family. Udacity offers an interesting “How to build a Startup” course that can be an excellent introduction to starting a business. At only $40, it’s well worth a try if you’re thinking about it.

2. Programming 

Programmers are in high-demand at the moment and this is a skill that could give your career a high boost or even be an opportunity to start your own business. What’s more, women are considered better at coding so this shouldn’t scare you off. Courses also widely available online, like on Udemy.

3. Health and beauty specialities

Health and beauty is a sector that’s engrossing billions each passing year and the demand is still growing. If you’re already working in the medical sector and looking for a career change, training in non-invasive beauty treatments such as botox and dermal fillers can be very gratifying.

4. Finance

Free finance moocs are all over the web these days and they can really help you master the financial side of your business or give you the opportunity you earn new responsibilities in your current career. Two of the best courses on the subject are offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as the University of Pennsylvania.


Being more human helps your customer’s experience

Undoubtedly, data has particularly shifted the nature and landscape of marketing today. Not only are businesses and marketers able to target their audiences with greater accuracy, but the focus on data-driven techniques has fundamentally revolutionized their ability to understand and value customers. More than ever before, businesses can now deliver more than expectations; therefore, rendering the marketing industry an exhilarating, yet daunting endeavor.

Nevertheless, this revolution has been significantly hyped that businesses believe it the sole solution to the whole lot. In essence, data has been sleeted as predicting marketing outcomes. But, data is neither flawless nor all-powerful. For a fact, it takes human effort to design the different systems, which gather and organize data.

Similarly, it takes human effort to understand the shortcomings and predispositions of such systems; and above all, it takes humans to set data on the right footing, which may help come up with meaningful, yet actionable deductions.

Customer experience is not only an internet data analytics

In due course, data originating from individuals bear a human face and quality of its own. Furthermore, inferences driven by humans, not machines or equipments, are principally vital in making the data practical. However, with marketing efforts increasingly becoming automation reliant, so is the lure of dismissing the human touch. With this limitation, here are ways in which data can make people more “human.”

  1. Make People the Most Important Part of any Customer Management Experience

In the dash to adopt novel technologies, especially in 2017, a number of companies are forgetting that technologies are only tools, which are subject to many imperfections. Let truth prevail that these technologies are as fine as individuals using them are. With this aspect in 2017 and even in the future, there is no doubt data will be more practical and precise.

  1. Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning

The future of data-driven marketing looks even more promising with AI and machine learning. This might not be the case in 2017, but there are high hopes that AI will absolutely shift the nature of customer experience as well as management.

In particular, machine learning will offer humans the capacity to map and understand data with higher exactness than ever. This will bring a greater level of personalization and usher a transformative edge.

Strengthening and Deepening Business-Customers Relationship

The idiom, ‘the customer is king‘, holds greater substance in the business world today. Indeed, without customers, there is no business. So, heightened relationships with customers mean more business and success. To improve customer-business relationship, the following tips must reign.

  1. Always be authentic and caring towards customers
  2. Speak to customers during key moments
  3. Ensure to create a sense of community
  4. Respect and appreciate loyal as well as regular customers
  5. Always be consistent

What to do when your spouse won’t support your business

Do you have a buinsess idea, but have a niggling voice in you life trying to stop you from pressing aheads? It could be your best friend, one of your parents or your colleague…and you could choose to ignore them. But if it’s the voice of your spouse or life partner, what do you do?

Keep your eye on the prize

If you know why you want to start your business and have the passion and motivation to see it through, it’s easy to wonder why your nearest and dearest can’t see it, too.

Different strokes

Just like how you may like Marmite on your toast and your spouse can’t even bear the smell of it, we all have individual differences. Just like with other areas of life, you may not always agree on things, and you may have to accept that (at least until your business starts making money). Try to stay focused on what’s important to you and your business and try not to make a big issue of the lack of support unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Don’t focus on shifting his mindset

Shifting someone else’s mindset isn’t always easy or straightforward – it can also be impossible. Like the saying goes, ‘You can lead the camel to water, but you can’t make it drink!’.

What you can do is try to work out where the resistance is coming from. Is it the time you’re spending on your new ‘baby’ (i.e. your business) that’s taking away time you used to spend together and causing resentment? If that’s what’s causing a lack of support, how can you fix it? Can you schedule your work so that there is always quality time with your spouse? Are you flitting away your joint savings on a project when the money is needed elsewhere in the household? If that’s the case you definitely need to get some buy in, because the money belongs to both of you. Find out if there another way you can bankroll your project without putting a strain on your family’s finances? If there isn’t, can you make a separate savings account, or agree a limit to what you invest in the business (together) so that there is no ressentment?

A deeper look

If all else fails, sometimes you’ll have no choice but to press on until the results in your business start to speak for itself. If this still doesn’t work, maybe there are some underlying issues in your relationship that you need to discuss as a couple. Good luck!

How to stop period  pain. Period.

“We don’t talk enough about menstruation. In fact, we don’t speak about it at all. When we do, it’s nearly always preceded with “Sorry: TMI, I know,”says Abby Norman, a freelance artist. Abby’s right.

People are always happier to talk about a woman’s birthing plans. It seems that a woman’s womb is always up for discussion if it involves putting a baby in. Why is something like that not off limits, yet no one wants to discuss periods? Continue reading

Gluten-free business idea for mums

Cooking is an essential part of most mums’ lives – we’re either doing it or paying someone else to do it. Some mothers don’t like this daily routine and others women discover new talents and reach incredible heights in culinary art. Besides pampering your family members, this skill may be applied to increase a family’s budget; you can use your skills to start a food-based business.

Baking might not sound revolutionary, and it isn’t, but in business finding something unique is often the way to get big. That’s where baking gluten-free treats at home comes into it – it really is not for those who keep to the beaten path. Let’s see why.

Do you know enough about gluten?

Before launching gluten-free bakery out of your home, you need to know all about gluten itself and diseases caused by this protein. Gluten makes dough elastic and ensures chewiness. These are one of the reasons why we like donuts, bread and other products. Gluten, that is the protein contained in wheat, rye and barley, may be dangerous for people suffering gluten allergy, the Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. The symptoms include chronic diarrhea, loss of weight and appetite and abdominal distention. Gluten gets gut inflamed and causes all the above symptoms.

Is there a demand?

Another step is to evaluate demand. If you have family members, friends, neighbors, colleges you used to work or friends from social networks and dating sites such as uk.cupid.com, who are gluten free, that is a good customer base. Besides, people who follow trends are another target group. Now avoiding gluten is on trend. As a matter of curiosity, the Celiac disease afflicts one person in every thousand. This health problem can hardly be named small. According to other resources, bodies of only 30% of the population generate antibodies fighting gluten. These numbers show how many people need a special diet having no place for gluten and future opportunities to develop your home business.

Can you bake safely in your home?

Self-contamination is a real challenge. All the ingredients, utensils, surface should have no contact with gluten, even a tiny drop or a crumble. It is the gold rule to be observed strictly. Otherwise, the food contacted with gluten will seriously damage the health of a person suffering the Celiac disease or gluten allergy.

A recipe to try

Let this recipe will inspire you to start your business. You’ll need:

  • An oven
  • A mixer
  • A loaf tin (900g/2lb)
  • A parchment


  • 140 butter
  • 200 sugar
  • 250g carrots
  • 140g sultanas
  • 2 eggs
  • 50g chopped nuts
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp gluten free baking powder
  • 200 g gluten-free self-raising four
  1. Heat and oven up to 180C/160C fan/gas 4
  2. Line a loaf tin with parchment
  3. Grease it with some amount of butter.
  4. Beat butter and sugar to get a creamy mixture
  5. Grate carrots and add them to butter and sugar
  6. Stir in the eggs and sultanas
  7. Chop nuts and mix them with cinnamon, gluten free baking powder and gluten free self- raising powder.
  8. Mix everything well
  9. Tip the mixture into the tin and bake for 50 minutes. Once it is ready, take out a tin, cool for a quarter of an hour and remove a carrot cake.

Be ready that some other great business ideas may come to your mind while cooking this carrot cake!

One missing ingredient in your recipe for organised success

Can working in half an hour bursts increase your productivity? Yes – Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do?  Do you feel like your to-do list is a never-ending mountain of unachievable tasks that just keeps piling up?

There is a solution – keep reading to find our more.
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Pregnancy fashion tips

One day maternity wear will be so widely available that mums-to-be need never complain again, but in the meantime, we have to work with what is available in the marketplace.

As depressing as that may sound to you, if you’re expecting a baby and are fit to burst in your current clothes, here are some tips to help you look fab for the rest of your pregnancy. Continue reading

How to prioritise when everything is a priority – 5 steps that will (hopefully) change your life

There are days when you need a priority list for your…priority list. Everything seems important and it just doesn’t seem right to give one thing all your attention when you have one or two other items on your to-do list that have equal importance.

There is no magic cure to this, so don’t get disappointed if this article doesn’t tell you to ditch your annual returns in exchange for something else, for example. but here are five tips you can consider when you really do need to get on top of your to-do list: Continue reading

Use LinkedIn to find your dream job this year

If you’re not using LinkedIn you really are missing a trick. Make it one of your tasks for this week – today if you have the time – to get your profile up and live. It really doesn’t take very long, and you can tweak and prune it as you go along. You can find out in our ‘How to find a job using social network site LinkedIn‘ article.

So – why should you be on LinkedIn when looking for a new job? Keep reading to find out why: Continue reading

The four relationship New Year’s resolutions you should be making for 2015

As the year draws to a close and we all start to reflect on the past twelve months, resolutions to transform or improve your life within the following year are hot on your mind. However, many of us forget about the other areas in our lives that could also use some work and attention. Continue reading

How to deal with the stress of family this Christmas

Christmas the time of year that everyone above the age of fourteen becomes stressed, tired and skint. So when the big day finally comes around and the house is full of friends, relatives and those family members you spend all year trying to avoid, things can quickly become chaos. Continue reading

The working mum’s guide to car finance

Owning a car has become an important aspect of modern day life. They provide the freedom to go where you like, whenever you like, and also play a vital role in getting people from a to b, whether it be to and from work or perhaps to a doctor’s appointment

For these reasons and many more, affordable car finance has become a popular way to buy a car without a single lump payment. The way to do this has vastly changed over the years and it’s now more accessible than ever before. Continue reading

Employers should develop mothers, finds study

A new study of 2,000 working women has revealed that six out of 10 think their careers are ‘derailed;’ citing that they face open discrimination after becoming pregnant, while less experienced colleagues have been promoted ahead of them.

The research was commissioned by law firm Slater & Gordon, which represents hundreds of women fighting maternity discrimination across the country each year. Continue reading

30% of parents are worried about keeping children safe during breakfast time…are you?

Even the most organised mums can find themselves rushing around in the morning, trying to make sure everything is packed, and that children are sent off to school or nursery on time (ish).

So it’s little wonder that the breakfast time rush has been found to put children in danger, according to a survey of UK parents by Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). Continue reading