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What to do when your client won’t pay up

You’re waiting for your payment from a client, but it’s well overdue. What should you do to get your well-earned paycheck? The last thing you want to do is begin a feud that you can’t afford and quite frankly shouldn’t have to deal with. Instead of things getting messy and

10 Great Startups We Will Hear About in 2017

Great ideas always have the potential to succeed, even when the economic conditions are not exactly favourable. 2016 has led to the emergence of some already well-established start-ups on the market and has seen the emergence of innovative businesses that range in every field: from cancer research to solutions to

Short-term and online courses: new career opportunities without giving up work-life balance

Managing both a successful career and a happy family can be tricky for all parents out there, and even more pressure is put on mothers especially. In a recent article, Forbes refers to “mommy wars”, this intense divide between stay-at-home mums and working mothers. It may sound rather unimportant, but

Being more human helps your customer’s experience

Undoubtedly, data has particularly shifted the nature and landscape of marketing today. Not only are businesses and marketers able to target their audiences with greater accuracy, but the focus on data-driven techniques has fundamentally revolutionized their ability to understand and value customers. More than ever before, businesses can now deliver

What to do when your spouse won’t support your business

Do you have a buinsess idea, but have a niggling voice in you life trying to stop you from pressing aheads? It could be your best friend, one of your parents or your colleague…and you could choose to ignore them. But if it’s the voice of your spouse or life

How to stop period  pain. Period.

“We don’t talk enough about menstruation. In fact, we don’t speak about it at all. When we do, it’s nearly always preceded with “Sorry: TMI, I know,”says Abby Norman, a freelance artist. Abby’s right. People are always happier to talk about a woman’s birthing plans. It seems that a woman’s

Internation Women’s Day: 10 Reasons why it’s great to be a woman!

Today is International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating all things to do with being a woman. Here are 10 reasons why it’s great to be a woman:

Gluten-free business idea for mums

Cooking is an essential part of most mums’ lives – we’re either doing it or paying someone else to do it. Some mothers don’t like this daily routine and others women discover new talents and reach incredible heights in culinary art. Besides pampering your family members, this skill may be applied to

One missing ingredient in your recipe for organised success

Can working in half an hour bursts increase your productivity? Yes – Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do?  Do you feel like your to-do list is a never-ending mountain of unachievable tasks that just keeps piling up? There is a solution – keep

Happy International Women’s Day

Being a woman us a blessing. Even if the gender pay gap doesn’t favour us,  or bosses make staying in work difficult mothers (women) play a crucial role in society that no one can replace. Happy International Women’s Day – be proud 9f all your achievements, big and small!

Pregnancy fashion tips

One day maternity wear will be so widely available that mums-to-be need never complain again, but in the meantime, we have to work with what is available in the marketplace. As depressing as that may sound to you, if you’re expecting a baby and are fit to burst in your

How to prioritise when everything is a priority – 5 steps that will (hopefully) change your life

There are days when you need a priority list for your…priority list. Everything seems important and it just doesn’t seem right to give one thing all your attention when you have one or two other items on your to-do list that have equal importance. There is no magic cure to

Use LinkedIn to find your dream job this year

If you’re not using LinkedIn you really are missing a trick. Make it one of your tasks for this week – today if you have the time – to get your profile up and live. It really doesn’t take very long, and you can tweak and prune it as you

The four relationship New Year’s resolutions you should be making for 2015

As the year draws to a close and we all start to reflect on the past twelve months, resolutions to transform or improve your life within the following year are hot on your mind. However, many of us forget about the other areas in our lives that could also use

How to deal with the stress of family this Christmas

Christmas the time of year that everyone above the age of fourteen becomes stressed, tired and skint. So when the big day finally comes around and the house is full of friends, relatives and those family members you spend all year trying to avoid, things can quickly become chaos.

The working mum’s guide to car finance

Owning a car has become an important aspect of modern day life. They provide the freedom to go where you like, whenever you like, and also play a vital role in getting people from a to b, whether it be to and from work or perhaps to a doctor’s appointment

Employers should develop mothers, finds study

A new study of 2,000 working women has revealed that six out of 10 think their careers are ‘derailed;’ citing that they face open discrimination after becoming pregnant, while less experienced colleagues have been promoted ahead of them. The research was commissioned by law firm Slater & Gordon, which represents hundreds

Free English and maths workshops for children

Of all the subjects that children learn throughout their school lives, the two most important are English and maths. Forget about the classical studies, philosophy and the like – if you can’t read and write, or do basic sums, life can be a little more difficult in the real world.

30% of parents are worried about keeping children safe during breakfast time…are you?

Even the most organised mums can find themselves rushing around in the morning, trying to make sure everything is packed, and that children are sent off to school or nursery on time (ish). So it’s little wonder that the breakfast time rush has been found to put children in danger,

Four things you never thought you should do to get a job

Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you walk around the motorway with a lanyard strapped to you, buggy in tow! Here are some easy and realistic things you can do: