Kate Middleton’s pregnancy news spreads like wildfire. But do working mums have to tell their employer they are expecting?

When royal wives like The Duchess of Cambridge and celebrities are pregnant they are so closely monitored by the press and paparazzi that they don’t always get to break the news themselves.

Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William is a case in point, and the news that she is pregnant hit the news headlines before even the Queen knew, apparently! Continue reading

Denise Van Outen talks about juggling work and motherhood and how technology makes it happen

Denise Van Outen juggles a busy career successfully with the aid of her smartphoneA lot of us have preconceptions about celebrity mums – that they have loads of help from live-in nannies, don’t manage their own household because a live-in housekeeper does that and that their lives are basically so far removed from us ‘normal’ mums that it’s unreal.

Yes – maybe for Hollywood mums and some celebrity mums, but there are those who still do things the way we do it…like Denise Van Outen.

Watch the video below to see how she juggles working, raising a new baby, being a wife and still maintaining a very successful career on stage and in radio. Continue reading