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13 June 2013

Having problems with the kids? Just call Nanny Mewes

Calling Mums and Dads:

  • Are you and your family at your wits end with tantrums and bad behaviour?
  • Can you no longer connect with your child?
  • Is the dinner table a daily battle ground?
  • Are you shattered from sleepless nights?
  • Perhaps you and your partner feel like you have exhausted the endless advice in blogs, forums, books and magazines and you’ve still not had the breakthrough you deserve.

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28 March 2013

Media request: producers looking for families for new TV series

The makers of ‘One Born Every Minute’ and ‘The Hotel’, Dragonfly Film and Television, are working on a new TV series about raising children and family life.

They are looking for families who would like to take part in a series about the ups and downs of being a parent, which will show what raising a family is really like – that it’s chaotic, exhausting and frustrating, as well as joyous, hilarious and fun. Read More

5 November 2012

Media enquiry: Maverick Television is looking for inspiring mums for TV series

Do you have a particular parenting technique or method that you believe works well?

Have you learnt some things the hard way that you wish you’d known sooner?

Are you proud of your style of parenting and believe others could learn from you?

Maverick Television is developing a parenting show and want to hear from strong mums who would be happy to talk about parenting and what works for them.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please email: s.carty@mavericktv.co.uk

2 October 2012

Working mothers and fathers wanted for newspaper article

Journalist looking for case studies of parents who work different hours and are able to avoid full time child care and split/juggle the childcare between themselves for article on parenting and working. Read More

28 September 2012

Calling all tiger mums: Fabulous magazine needs you

A freelance journalist writing an article for Fabulous magazine about the different ways of parenting. She is looking for a tiger mum who is available to be photographed in London – the interview can be done via email or over the phone. Read More

30 July 2012

Real mums – we need you! Tell us your story and inspire others…

Do you have some tips and advice you could offer our 85,000-plus mums?

Are you an expert in your field, and have something interesting to tell our working mothers? Read More

25 October 2011

Media request: Good Housekeeping magazine wants to speak to working mums

Good Housekeeping magazine would like to speak to mothers about how their workload has increased since the recession, as a result of redundancies of their colleagues. 20111025-201001.jpg
These women will ideally be working at managerial or assistant level – perhaps a teacher or a dental assistant or an NHS manager – and will be happy to talk about how much extra work they have to do, the sacrifices they are making to do it, and the impact this has had on their quality of life and their family. So many women are feeling stressed and guilty, and we want our report to show they are not alone.

Whether you are working full or part-time, if you have experienced this please email Moya Sarner at moya.sarner@hearst.co.uk, or ring on 020 7439 5684, as soon as possible.