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Three reasons why not having a Facebook page for your business is a missed opportunity for your business

Facebook might have started out as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family, but it has grown into a valuable business tool. Make sure you’re not missing out on all the potential it offers. No matter what type of business you own, a Facebook fan page can

Free course for childminders from HM Revenue

Are you a childminder? Would you like help with understanding tax, National insurance and learn how to keep your financial records in order? HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is offering self-employed childminders free online webinars to help with tax issues. You can watch and participate in the live webinars from

How to stay sane when you working from home starts to take a toll

For many mums the ability to work from home would be a dream! being able to take the kids to school and pick them up, put a load and dinner on, and all while making enough money to live the lifestyle of choice… But for many mums who work from

Revamped jobs board on for mum, dad and the teens

It’s been a while, but we’ve finally got the jobs board back and it’s a new and improved version for all the family – see for yourself, go to We know that it’s not just mums who are looking for flexible work, extra income and freelance projects to do

Media request: producers looking for families for new TV series

The makers of ‘One Born Every Minute’ and ‘The Hotel’, Dragonfly Film and Television, are working on a new TV series about raising children and family life. They are looking for families who would like to take part in a series about the ups and downs of being a parent,

Video: apps to help busy mums entertain the kids this Easter

Keeping children entertained at the evenings and the weekend during term term can be a challenge in itself. But when it comes to the school holidays, the pressure is definitely on! Watch the following video to discover five apps you can use at home, or when you’re out an about

Marketing: why your business needs it

Marketing is all about showing your potential customers why they are going to buy your product or service when there are so many competitors doing a similar thing. That is the basic principle behind marketing, and with that clear objective in mind you can move forward and put together a

Budget announcement: on the path for another rift between mothers who work and stay-at-home mums?

Prime minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg yesterday confirmed that working parents who each earn less than £150,000 will qualify for childcare tax breaks worth up to £1,200 a year for each of their children from 2015, while their stay-at-home counterparts will get nothing.

Video tutorial: how to set yourself up as a freelance or consultant

Work when you want, choose who you work with and for and name your price…these are some of the benefits of being your own boss as a freelance or consultant. Watch this video tutorial to see how you can set yourself up doing just that, and find out how to

Would you travel with your mother in law? Half of Brits say they would…

With the school Easter holidays just around the corner, many families are looking for getaways for the family – with the mother-in-law in tow! It seems that despite the stereotypical jokes and jibes more than 50% of people would happily go on holiday with their mother-in-law.

How to ask for a higher salary in a new job

These days, employers want to get as much value for money as possible – and often that will mean more work, longer hours for less pay. If you’re a woman, you probably know that there is a huge gender pay gap as it is, and effectively, you ‘stop getting payed’

How to keep an eye on the kids while working from home

Looking after children is a full-time job, so much credit goes out to business mums and mumpreneurs who regularly juggle looking after the kids with working from home. If this is something you want to do and don’t know how to make working from home while looking after the kids

Working from home: flexible working gets another knock by another high profile mum

Working from home is is less frowned upon these days in most industries than a few years ago, when it was seen as an excuse to skive at home. Thankfully, many employes see i’s merits and this often gives many employees the work-life balance they need while remaining productive.

Five cheap nights out with the family – fun without breaking the bank

Taking the entire family out for an evening of fun can be exciting and something all parents want to do on a regular basis, especially with older children, but the costs can be a hindrance, So, if you want to enjoy an evening with your family consider here are five

Five mistakes even smart working mums make and how to a avoid them

Every mum tries their best, but sometimes circumstances can seem to take over our lives and then caps sets in. Here are five red flags to watch out for, and tips to change their impact on your life:

Video tutorial: A/B split tests – what they are and how to use them on your website

Is your website not delivering the type of response you want? Do you wish you could test out a new design on some of your visitors and see if the conversions are better before you change everything entirely and have to start from scratch again? A/B split tests are a

Get ready for summer with in trend ladies’ coats and jackets

We can’t always guarantee the weather in a British summer, so it’s best to be prepared by having at least one summer coat in your wardrobe.

Do you want to have your cake and eat it?

No one said being a working mum would be easy – in fact, if you listen to all the so-called experts, research and stay-at-home mums, you’d probably give up before you get started. But at Mothers Who Work, we think we’ve found the secret recipe for success – baking the

Childminders say no to Childcare minister’s plans to increase adult to child ratio

A petition against the government’s plans to change the ratios of the number of adults to children in early years settings such as nurseries and registered childminders has received more than 21,000 signatures in less than three weeks.

How to stop fear of failure stopping you from achieving your dreams

Is a fear of failure stopping you achieve more in your career, business or life in general? Do you admire those who just seem to bite the bullet and go on a particular course, or start a part-time business from home but don’t know why you keep holding yourself back?