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The rise of the mummy makeover

With many women keen to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back and rebuild confidence post childbirth, cosmetic surgeons worldwide are noticing a rise in popularity of the ‘Mummy Makeover’, a new cosmetic surgery trend for mothers. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has recently been rumoured to have undergone the treatment, and Kim Kardashian is said to be making plans for after the birth of her second child.

Acne: product review for grown women

Stressing over spots seems so adolescent, but it’s not just teens that suffer from acne. The global acne market will ring in $3.02 billion by 2016, according market trends, and that says a lot about how endemic the problem is.

Half of women are diagnosed with some form of acne during their adult lives and NHS figures state that 80% of adult acne sufferers are women.

Acne can be embarrassing, unsightly and often quite painful. It’s often hard to pinpoint the cause, because it can be caused by lifestyle, genetics, hormones and/or diet. That doesn’t help when you’re desperate and need of a solution.

Summer holidays are looming: how to balance work and family when no work = no money

With the sun out (hopefully) and the children full of cheer at the fun they’ll be having for the next few weeks, you want to keep the atmosphere a fun and positive one. But there’s one cog in the wheel – you have to work.

If yours is a business that is term-time only, kudos to you! But for the rest of us who don’t have that luxury, business has to continue (seemingly) as usual. And here’s how it can.

How to upcycle your wardrobe for the wedding season

Love them or loathe them, being a wedding guest can be costly – and that’s before you’ve bought the wedding gift!

Summer is the prime season for weddings, and you can take the sting out of your wedding guest wardrobe by making a few tweaks to the outfits you already have. Here are some tips for looking stylish on a budget. For any detailed instructions on how to try each of the upcycling techniques, be sure to head over to Youtube and do a search and you’ll find even more useful tips.

It’s Hot in the City! Follow These Simple Style Tips To Help You Keep Your Cool!

Dressing for work during the summer months can be a real challenge. You need to wear something that is cool enough so you don’t melt on your journey into work, but that is smart enough to meet your company’s dress code. If you find yourself struggling to find appropriate summer work wear then these tips from style and image consultants colour me beautiful are sure to help.

Do you know who you are? Three questions to help you work that out

Feeling lost in all things motherhood? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a vacuum of school run, work, school run, chores, (little) sleep, then rinse and repeat?

Routine is good, but if you’re really not enjoying life in the process, it’s time for a change. Life really is easier when you know who you really are.

Forget the bills and the reasons why you need to work for a minute – it’s time to do you! Here are some questions to ask yourself to get the ball rolling:

Get tight abs before summer. The no-crunch workout

Crunches, planks, elbow to knee sit-ups…they all seem like a lot of back-breaking effort. And, well, not all of us want to roll out a yoga mat to firm up our wobbly bits…or get our hair dirty.

So, has been on the lookout for tips and advice on how to tone abs without having to clear the clutter and make way on the floor. Yep – standing ab exercises.

How to get to sleep when you can’t switch your brain off

According to a recent survey, stress from work steals one hour and 40 minutes of sleep from employees every year. If you’re a teacher, nurse or a banker and are always struggling to get some sleep, you are amongst the most sleep deprived workers in the UK.

Worried, overworked, stressed, baby who won’t stop crying or just too tired to sleep…there are so many reasons why you might not be able to get some shut eye at bedtime.

Here are some tips to ensure that you get some much-needed snooze when the clock’s against you.