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That time I was harassed at work

Every other news story this past month seems to be about the inappropriate behaviour of men in sectors from film (aka the alleged Harvey Weinstein) to politics. Industry big wigs seem to have, for years, got away with treating women any way they wish. Some critics have blamed women for

Ditch the guilt: being a working mum is real

The number of UK working mums has more than tripled since 1951 and statistics show that 68% mums now work. This increase is thought to be largely due to the introduction of maternity rights and family-friendly policies, but changing attitudes to work and improved access to higher education have also

How to not let your colleagues make you feel like a skiver

There’s nothing more irritating than doing your job (really well!), working your contracted hours and being made to feel like you’re doing something wrong because you’re leaving on time. But how do you manage that when you’re colleagues are constantly making comments that make you feel like you’re letting the

Office workers can suffer workplace injuries, too

When most people think of on-the-job injuries, they think of those that take place in “dangerous” jobs, such as construction, law enforcement, factory work, and the like.  And while it’s true that severe or fatal injuries are more likely to occur in environments where workers have to use heavy equipment or

Hold your tongue – how to stay professional

Heard the saying, ‘We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less’? Yes, you love your children and everything they do, and all the great things your family gets up to but sometimes too much information can come back to bite you on

How to ward off over flirty coworkers

It started with just a cheeky wink, which you had quickly deemed as harmless. However, soon the winks evolved into repetitive compliments and suggestive jokes, which often left you feeling uncomfortable. Working with someone who is regularly and excessively flirty or inappropriate can be a challenge.

Avoid the war zone: how to stay out of office politics

Sometimes, with all the best will in the world, you can get caught up in office politics without even wanting to. Here are a few pointers to help you stay out of trouble’s way. You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member?

How to manage office politics

In every organisation, there is usually one or more people who either do not want to be there, hate their job or career, or just can’t stop gossiping (and sh*t stirring) about other people…no, that is not a typo). One way to avoid it is to leave, the department or

Don’t tell me to cheer up! And other things you shouldn’t say to colleagues

Let’s face it – there are some people who love to have a good old moan. And the last thing they need – or want – is someone trying to stop them raining on their own parade. Say you have a colleague who is really upset about an argument with

Five ways to reduce pressure and improve productivity, increase self confidence and build better coworker relationships

Do you find yourself having to work harder to achieve the same amount, feeling less confident about your outputs and experiencing fewer productive interactions with others at work?

Workplace politics and how to cope

Every office has its quirks and unspoken rules when it comes to etiquette, but some of the universal rules of good behaviour seem so obvious that they’re easily overlooked. Are you the person who’s always leaving your coffee mug in the kitchen sink and leaving it for others to wash

Is your family really benefitting from you working at home?

It’s time to take stock: is your family really benefitting from you working from home? It’s easy to get buried in the needs of your work when you work at home. A little bit of planning, however, can go a long way towards making working at home a wonderful experience

How to stop people stealing your food at work

You might laugh it off with family and friends when the event has long happened, but at the time you were fuming. Having your lunch stolen from the fridge in the workplace is enfuriating. While you may not have CCTV in the  kitchen at work, or a device that sounds

How to tell your boss you’ve made a mistake

Hands up if you like looking like a fool in the workplace…anyone? Chances are you don’t – why would you?  But at the end of the day we are human and no one is infallible; not even your boss. But when we make a mistake it can be a very

I love my job! Find out how you can, too!

According to recent research, the average Brit works more than 48 hours a week, thats 350,000 hours more than a decade ago. You can see why it’s important to do a job you enjoy. Even better, if it’s work that you’re passionate about. Imagine how much easier the challenges at

Could you spot the signs of stress?

We all get a little pressured sometimes, when deadlines are looming, or unforeseen circumstances make it difficult for us to work in the way that we need or want to. But if you always feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, could it be stress?

Big girls don’t cry: how not to cry at work

Crying at work is one of those unspoken taboos. It’s one thing comforting a colleague who just can’t handle the pressure and breaks down, but we all know that (unfortunately), their professional standing never remains the same. If you feel like you’re at breaking point and have coming close to

Lost your confidence? How to get it back before work on Monday

Even the most accomplished people can lose confidence at work. It doesn’t help when you’ve had time out to raise a family, or if you feel threatened by younger colleagues who seem to be on top of everything in your area of work and are leaving you trailing behind because

How to say ‘no’ in a dignified, graceful and powerful manner at work

Every workplace has a yes man or woman – is that you? If so, you’ll be dumped on again and again and after a while resentment, stress and demotivation may start to kick in. While you wrestle with the bitterness and guilt (at the same time), your colleagues are oblivious

How to stay sane when you working from home starts to take a toll

For many mums the ability to work from home would be a dream! being able to take the kids to school and pick them up, put a load and dinner on, and all while making enough money to live the lifestyle of choice… But for many mums who work from