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How to start a business as a private tutor – plus download

Are you a teacher who hasn’t been able to return to work since having your child? Do you have a degree in science and know you can ignite passion and understanding of your subject in others? Starting out as a tutor could be a great way to earn some extra

Four tips for cold calling success

Running you own business no matter what it is will require sales of some level. You ha e to ‘sell your products and/or services to people and this could require you make cold calls (calls to people you don’t know or have never spoken to). But cold calling is an

Five free to low-cost advertising ideas for small businesses

Advertising is key to a company’s success, particularly in the beginning when no one knows of its existence, but the cost of advertising can put small businesses off. But there are many ways to advertise your business without going bust! Find out how: You need to login to view the

Video tutorial: How to make a business plan

Business plans can seem like such a boring or daunting prospect. But if you can’t be motivated to write down your steps to success for your business, should you be starting the business in the first place? This four-minute video will help you weed out the most important elements of

Video tutorial: how to use Woocommerce

Thinking of starting an online shop but don’t know where to start? Do you love WordPress and want to find a way to add an online store to your blog without changing the overall design? Have you heard about Woocommerce but don’t know how you’ll use it? This video tutorial

How to assess the competition in your business area

Checking out the competition is a must when embarking on a new business venture. You can look at their pricing, the quality of their products and services, and their strengths and weaknesses and use all that information as part if your plan of attack. It all sounds simple enough, but

Video tutorial: how to sell

Whether you provide services like beauty treatments, work as a counsellor or run an online store, you will be selling something to your client base. Most business mums wouldn’t necessarily have a sales background when they go into business, and it can feel a little overwhelming to suddenly be in

How to give a five-minute presentation…and PowerPoint essentials

Whether it’s pitching for investment, presenting to clients, or being a speaker at a workshop, at some point in your journey there is a good chance that you may have to give a presentation. If you’ve never given one before, there is help at hand. Grab a notepad, a cuppa

Working from home: a plan of action, a plan for your ultimate success

Many people wrongly think that working from home will give them the flexibility to work when they want, and how they want all the time. For them, the dream can mean ignoring the alarm clock and getting up whenever they want to get up. Yes, running your own business from

You’ve sent your press release…now what?

Sending out a press release can be a big step for small businesses – especially when it’s all been done in house. You’ve taken the time to research the best media outlets for your product or service, and you crafted the type of press release that will make journalists stand

Video tutorials: Lead generation – a must for getting customers

Having a website is great, but without customers it’s just a hobby. And the same applies for any kind of business. If you have a website that doesn’t convert browsers into paying customers, you need to find a way to get buying visitors to your website. One way to do