Cherie Blair’s right…all mums should work…in a way that works best for their family

Are mums who stay at home just using their children as an excuse to retire from their careers? Are they making their children less independent?

Cherie Blair may just have a point about the importance of mums working-081418.jpgIf you’re Cherie Blair – former prime minister Tony Blair’s wife – then you’ll say yes to that. In fact she has been quoted saying the very thing, and. She’s not apologetic about it either.

But does she have a point, or is it just another attack on stay-at-home mums from a working mum?

Cherie Blair is a working mum with not least four children, so if none knows about juggling work and children she does. And she sets quite an example – a career woman QC, who has done very well for herself professionally.

As you can imagine, there has been quite a response from her comments – some stay-at-home mums have taken quite an offence at Cherie Blair’s comments. But is it the case of the truth hurting?

At, we aim to show mums that you can work and raise a child. Some do it using childcare, other do it by working from home and raising their child at the same time. Whatever the case may be, there is no real benefit for any woman to give up who she is and have nothing to strive for besides all things baby and preschooler.

We should be showing our children the importance of work, and what it achieves. This isn’t just in terms of materialistic gain, but the actual work ethic. There are too many generations of families in the UK who have made living off benefits their way of life and it’s no wonder if they haven’t seen what hard work looks like in their home…charity does begin at home after all.

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