Summer’s here, end of year exams are finished and school holidays are just around the corner. This is the perfect time for the whole family to bond and reconnect and get fit.

There’s a sport that the whole family can do – whether you have toddlers and teenagers, or a mix, there’s something for every family:

With Wimbledon starting this week, we’re all rooting for our favourite and getting drawn further and further into the sport. Why not take the whole family to a local sport centre that has tennis facility, or a lawn association and play together as a family.

Tennis uses the muscles in the arms and legs, so it’s a great way to tone up, too. Played properly, it can be a fantastic way to get some cardio while having fun. Most clubs will loan you rackets and balls, but you can save money by buying your own tennis rackets and tennis balls online.

It’s not just celebs and fitness freaks who do it – families can do it, too. Strap the babies and toddlers into the pushchair, let disapproving older children ride their bikes or scoot and everyone’s involved.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise for burning calories, and most of all, it is absolutely free!

Don’t worry about the stretch marks or cellulite, by the time you’ve taken your first trip down to the local pool you’ll soon realise that it’s packed with mums just like you and older people.

Swimming is another great form of cardio, but unlike running and other activities, the water supports your body so you don’t feel it as much when you’re in the pool.

Kids love a splash in the water, too, and it’s great to get them used to water from an early age, because swimming is also a life skill that everyone should have.

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