Have you left your Christmas shopping to the last minute again – even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t be disorganised this year?

Don’t be hard on yourself – think strategically and you’ll see that buying gifts can be very simple – here are some tips:

Buy family gifts
Buying for the children and adults in any family can make that list so long. You don’t want anyone to feel like they’ve got the short straw and you don’t want to bankrupt yourself either.

Why not buy a gift the whole family can enjoy? Some board games, a nice child-friendly hamper or an electronic device they can share or play together? There is a lot of choice in this area if you shop around and the plus side is that you can cater for a whole family with just one or two gifts.

Set a theme
Limit all the head scratching by setting some themes for your gifts. You can try:

  • Something to wear
  • Something to read
  • Something to do
  • Something to eat

This makes it a lot easier to choose gifts if you limit yourself yo a theme. You could probably buy everything from a handful of shops, which will make the last – minute dash or online shop all the easier.

Shop online
This is a must for every busy mum – you can have presents (still) delivered to your place of work or at home, while you’re busy doing the wrapping and cleaning for the big day.

There are lots of products you can buy online (cheaper) that are not available in store, and it will really take the stress out of shopping.

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