From the kids printing in full colour to you keeping your home office stocked up with the things you need to do your work, the cost of stationary can soon add up.

So, how exactly do you keep costs down, and still keep everyone happy? Here ares come tips:

Yep – it’s possible to recycle paper at home. If your children love to print out worksheets or pictures to colour in, use double sided printing if your printer has that functionality. If not, take the printed paper out and flip it yourself when they have finished using it, so that you don’t spend unnecessary amounts on printer paper.

You can also do this with ink to save some money, but be sure to read reviews before you go to cartridge shops as some cartridge ink replacement services don’t produce great quality ink.

You can also use old paper for craft projects – check out Pinterest for a whole raft of ideas you never thought of trying.

Go old school
Printing in colour is a lot more expensive than printing in black and white. For one thing, the cost of replacing colour cartridges is a lot higher than replacing black ink, so printing in colour will obviously cost you a lot more in the long run. If it’s just to do maths, for example, or colour in then there really is no need to print in colour.

20131022-084516.jpgShop smart! Shop around!
Stationers and high street shops like WH Smith and Rymans, though they do sales and have offers can be very costly, and it makes a lot of financial sense to look for deals online. Look online for discount codes on sites like Voucherbox and look on price comparison websites when you’re going to make a big purchase like a printer.

Search engines like Google also have a shopping tab at the top, where you can see who is selling your searched item, and at what cost. It’s a great way to get an idea of what the going rate is, especially before you hit the shops.

Buy in bulk to save money
If you know that your family uses lots of paper and the children go through pencils like there’s no tomorrow, it’s probably worth looking into buying the most used items in bulk to save you some money.

This is especially good when you see half price or free offers, as it will be a saving. The trick is to only buy those things you will use, not just stocking up because an item is reduced, because it’s pointless if it will just sit there taking up space and collecting dust.

Teach children about resource management
Children are a lot smarter and understanding than we often give them credit for. If you explain why it’s important for them to use ink and paper when they need it, and why they shouldn’t waste it (cost and the implications on the environment), they will understand and use better judgement next time – try it.

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