How to set up a home home office when you have limited space

When setting up a home office, imagination is key if space is an issue
When setting up a home office, imagination is key if space is an issue

More and more people are creating an office in their home. Whether it’s for self-employed or small businesses, or even just to provide a space for office supplies at home, the personal workspace is becoming extremely popular.

For many, however, creating a home office can prove to be a costly and complicated process. From finding a suitable area of your home to sourcing the right office furniture, the home office is an arrival that needs meticulous planning. But, do it correctly and you’ll have set up the perfect little hub to work from.

When deciding where to accommodate your office, consider areas of the house that attract natural light, or those most sheltered from noise and interference. If it’s not possible for you to assign your workspace to a room of its own, make sure you clearly identify your designated area as the work quarter of your home.

Invest in screens or rooms dividers to enclose the corner and keep it quiet. When setting up your space, think wisely about home office supplies.

Choose an ergonomic office chair with adjustable height and lumbar support; not only will this support your posture, but it’ll also help you to feel more comfortable when working. Look to keep your feet flat and position your keyboard or screen to match your seating position.

If you regularly work from home, make sure you have essential supplies. Always keep a spare notepad and paper pack, along with back-ups of? ink jet cartridges,? printing paper, envelopes and sticky labels etc. To help stay clutter-free, store all of your stationery neatly piled in a filing cabinet or system. These can be bought quite cheaply and serve as an efficient storage and organisation tool.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your d?cor. Adding a lick of paint in a colour of your choice can brighten up or de-stress your days. Bold colours can help to give you an energy buzz, whereas lemon or violet may create a tranquil environment. Remember to choose a colour that reflects your work ethic and personality. Also, feel free to pop a few favourite photos or potted plants around your office furniture to make it feel less starched.

Relaxing your work clothes, playing music, dictating your breaks and how you conduct your working day are all benefits of working from home, so embrace the opportunity to feel comfortable when in your personal office.

However, you should avoid anything that detracts from the discipline of your professional space. As an area of work, don’t be tempted to watch TV, work out, nap, unwind or entertain there. By keeping it an exclusive spot to work in, you’ll find yourself much more productive and focused. Similarly, don’t take your work outside of the office – keep the line fixed between work time and downtime.

A home office can be the perfect solution to balancing your professional and family life. And, even if you’re on a tight space or money budget, following these simple tips should help you to make the most of your workspace.

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