Business mums

Are you a business mum who has a passion for success?

We have been inspired by many women who have decided to set up their own businesses.

Some business mums have started with literally a couple of hundred pounds (or much less!) and have never looked back, as their businesses have grown and become a success.

What has helped to make these mumpreneurs successful is using the resources available to make them stand out from the crowd. And that’s what joining the Mothers Who Work Club will show you.

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You may not even know what you have in mind for a business, but have always had a burning desire to become one of the thousands of business women who are contributing more than £4billion to the UK economy every year.

You can start small, working in the kitchen, with a franchise, or in your favourite coffee shop – and we can show you all that you need to know to make it a huge success online with our premium content.

And if you are already a mum who is in business, we have a lot of useful content that will help you leverage your business and take it to the next level, too.


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For just £5 a month (free for the first week!), you can really start to make a difference in your life, in your work and in your business. Make a change today!


  • Business Resources – whether you have a business already and want some extra help from the comfort of your own home/PC/laptop, or if you just want to start a blog but don’t know how to set one up, we’ve got some fantastic resources to get you started and to make you an expert:
  • video tutorials
  • ebooks
  • and more…

If you really are serious about making a change in your circumstances, then you must take action now!

We know that mums are time-pressured, so most of our content is provided in video or audio form so you can learn much quicker than just reading lots of content – but we also have ebooks and guides you can download for your reference, too.



Sign up today, and you will get the following bonuses:

  • How to Stay Earn a Full-Time Salary From Home
  • How to Kick-Start Your Freelance Career
  • Doing Business with Twitter
  • Time Management for Busy Online Mums
  • Change Your Career, Change Your Life
  • What is Flexible Working?

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One Comment on "Business mums"

  1. I worked all my life because i had to but i also wanted to, took little time off when i had my children. It was a great blow in 2002 when i had a fall down the stairs and had to have 3 months off work due to severe injury, then in the December came the final blow. I had a TIA. They told me it type of stroke and it was my warning to slow down, brought on by stress.
    I stopped work and stayed at home, stopped smoking and tried to calm my life down.
    Over the years i started feeling a bit out of place, like i wasn’t playing my part in lifes circle, medical issues arose which limited my abilities to go out to work even more. Enough was enough!
    July 2008 i started my own business, i found something i could do at home, had a passion for, and was happy doing. Best part of all it didnt have a major impact on my medical condition.
    This year i had another diagnosis, Rheumatiod Arthristis, i already have Fibromyalgia, Pendred Syndrome ( loosing my hearing and wear a hearing aid ) degenerative disc disease, hyperthyriodism and Achilles Tendonitus. None of this will affect my business i am glad to say.
    I have my own website from which i sell handmade soaps, bath bombs, salts, bath truffles, scented wax melts and many more items for fragrancing the home and bath delights, all handmade by myself. It isnt easy but i am so glad i made that step. My youngest son who is 11 often gets involved in my work, even the mundain paperwork and there is a lot of it in this type of business.
    So when i step back and look at myself now i see that i get to not only work but love my work, my time is spent at home still so i dont miss out on my family life as i did before. I get to do local events at the schools, churches and fetes / craft events, i get to see people and see them happy about my products.

    All of this makes for a very happy person. ME!

    If anyone else is hesitant in taking that step i would say to you this “you dont know unless you try”

    Kindest Regards

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