Victoria Beckham sings the praises of homeworking

Anyone who can balance her toddler on her hip, while holding the largest Hermes handbag, and while sporting the highest-heeled platforms or stillestoes money can buy is a superwoman, period.

But as far removed from a normal life as we think celebs might be, Victoria Beckham of all people was quoted in the Mirror saying her family?s move to the US has been something of a godsend, as it allows her to work from home ? coordinating the Beckhams? business empire.

Victoria Beckham and kids

She said: “One of the nicest things about living here is that I work in my house, with my kids around me. Before, I was having to fly off for meetings in America all the time and it was exhausting. I?m not the kind of mum who wants to palm my kids off all the time so it?s a huge bonus for me that I can spend so much time with them now.”

It?s almost surreal to hear a celebrity ? and Posh Spice of all people ? talking about the merits of homeworking, especially when they have access to the cream of the crop when it comes to childcare, plus the luxury of not having to work if they choose not to!

But homeworking is a reality for a lot of everyday working mothers. According to a recent report, there are 400,000 full-time homeworkers in the UK, and 2.2 million employees work from home at least one day aweek.

Homeworking is another option to consider when considering flexible working. And it?s a reality for many mothers who choose to go solo and set up their own business.

So what should you consider before deciding to work from home?

1. Ask yourself if you have the discipline to ignore distractions at home, e.g. when your kids come home from school and you still have an hour or so more to work.
2. Check with your insurance broker, mortgage lender/landlord to see if you are covered ? a lot of insurers do not cover you for working from home, and landlords may not approve of you using their property for commercial activities.
3. Who pays the bills? Many employers will have an expenses procedure in place, but make sure you find out about exactly what this covers before you sign on the dotted line.
4. Career progression ? working from home can be isolating, and some people find that it affects their promotion prospects, so speak with other homeworkers at your workplace to help make your decision.


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