Problems at work

Being a working mum or mum-to-be does not mean you should get special treatment. But it neither does it mean you
should be mistreated – bullied, discriminated against, side-stepped for a promotion because of a pregnancy or because of your working patterns, or being told that you are not entitled to your legal rights.

Luckily, the majority of employers embrace the skills that working mums can and do bring to the workforce, but there will always be a few who ignore it.

Here, you will find tips and advice on what to do if you feel you are being mistreated at work. If we’ve missed something, please let us know {{post id=”contact-us” text=”” target=”_parent”}}. Because the law can change, these pages will be updated as often as required, so check back to stay up to date with your rights.

We also encourage you to use the forum – a problem shared can e a problem halved, and sometimes it’s just good to let it all out!

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