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    The Make Money Mums Challenge

Mums, do you ask yourself the following questions?

    Take the Make Money Mums Challenge and start making money now!

  • How can I work while looking after the children?

  • How can I start my own business without a large financial investment?

  • How can I find a job or career with flexible hours?

  • How can I make money online like other mums?

If you have these questions, then the Money Making Mums Challenge is just for you!


In just six weeks, you will learn how to make money in a way that fits in with your family’s needs.

Here are the modules that the Make Money Mums Challenge covers:

Money Making Mums Course

The Money Making Mums Course will get you on the right path to earning from multiple income streams

  • Blogging – everything you need to know about setting up a blog, promoting it, and earning money from your blog.
  • Freelancing – what you have is enough! A lot of mums think they have to retrain completely to make an income from home, but this course will show you how you can make money from the skills, knowledge and experience you ALREADY have!
  • Selling products – if you always wanted to be a ‘mumpreneur’ (business mum) but don’t know where to start, by the end of this module, you will be up and running and earning money!
  • Passive income – who doesn’t like the idea of making money while you sleep? That’s what this module is a about, and you will learn how to put this into practice and start reaping the rewards.
  • Franchising – if you have some money and would like to buy into a franchise but just don’t know where to start, this module will guide you through the entire process.  It will even give you business leads too.
  • Retraining – some mums have a dream of a career change but often feel they can’t do this while raising children.  WRONG! You can – and don’t let money put you off either. This module will show you how to get started, the grants and benefits available to mums who want to retrain and show you how to make studying pay for itself!

The course is delivered with video tutorials so you can SEE how to implement the theory into practice, emails and workbooks. Every week will cover one of the six modules mentioned above, so you can work through them fast and start making money while you are doing the course.

The Money Making Mums Challenge goes live on Monday 4th March 2011 – love yourself enough to give yourself the best Mother’s Day present ever…something that is tangible and can change your future. Better still, ask your loved ones to show their love for you by sponsoring you to take the Money Making Mums Challenge!


Sign up today and you will get the following guides (worth £47.97) delivered straight to your inbox:

  • How to Kick-Start your Freelance Career (7.99)

  • How to Stay Home and Earn Money (worth 7.99)

  • Make Money Guide 1: How to Sell Baby Products (worth £7)

  • Make Money Guide 2: How to Sell Toys (worth £7)

  • Pregnant? Don’t Get Ripped Off in Your Workplace (£7.99)


Make a change today!

If you are ready to stop jumping from one thing to the next thing and want to start focusing on becoming successful at one or two proven money-making methods then the Money Making Mums Challenge is perfect for you!

Sign up today and I promise it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!


The Money Making Mums Challenge is for mums who are serious about:

  • making money

  • working hard to understand the principles of making money

  • changing their lives


This course is not:

  • MLM (multi-level marketing)

  • a get-rich quick scheme

  • for mums who just want to keep gathering information and not do anything about it!

If you are serious about taking the steps towards making money in a way that fits around you and your family, then LOVE YOURSELF enough to make this small investment NOW!


For a one-off fee of £50, plus five payments of £10 from month 2 (totalling £100 for the entire course), you will be investing in the future of yourself and your family. We’ve made the payments more flexible so every budget can afford it.



change your career, change your lifeFortune always favours those who take action so if you sign up today, you will get an extra bonus ebook:  

Change Your Career, Change Your Life (worth £10)



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