De-stress your life in five easy steps


Overloaded at work? Barely get a moment’s piece at home? Can’t remember the last time you took a moment to relax and enjoy yourself? If this sounds like you, then we’ve got the perfect remedy to your stressful life.

Most women are stressed because they don?t put themselves first often enough, says life coach Glynis Kozma ? or at all. Make yourself as much of a priority as everyone and everything else in your life. Once you really believe that, you can change your behaviour.

Next, think about your goals. What would you like to do that you aren?t doing now? This could be anything from making time to read a good book, going to bed an hour earlier than usual to having a healthier lifestyle.

Now, use some of these positive steps to help you beat the stress in your life:

  1. Delegate

  2. If you can afford a cleaner, hire one. Even if it?s for two hours a week to do chores like ironing and hovering, it can all help.

  3. Get the kids to put their own clothes away ? or it doesn?t get washed. For younger children, get them used to putting their toys away.

  4. Get your partner to do some of the cooking ? teach them if they can?t.

  5. Block out time in your diary for you and treat it like an important meeting or PTA meeting that you can?t miss. Use this time to do things that help you relax ? reading, chatting with a friend, yoga at home.

  6. Be assertive and say “no” if you?re too busy. If a request takes you off-guard, say you need time to think about it to give you a chance to assess your workload.

  7. Try to limit time with “needy” friends, and friends who give nothing back.

  8. Learn to control your anger ?ask yourself: “Will this be important in a years? time? In five years time?” If not, let it go.

These are simple changes you can make to your life. But what about taking some of the stress out of your work? It may be worth looking into flexible working, changing your career altogether, or even setting up your own business so you have full control of your life. This may sound impossible, but if you do some calculations and see what changes you need to make ? cutting back on holidays abroad, clothing sprees etc ? you?ll find it?s achievable.

Glynis Kozma is a life coach, and founder of Aspire Coaching,

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