Have you heard about George Osborne’s budget and the pressure it will have on working families? You only need one working parent in the home who works a decent salary to start feeling the effects of the tax penalties (and he’s even reduced the threshold for the higher rate of tax, so if you were okish before, you may still feel the pinch!).

mistakes to avoid on your CVSo, for many mums, the reality has hit home – it’s time to either start looking for a job, start looks for a job with more hours, or a job that pays a lot more. And that means making sure your CV stands out from the rest.

Yes – it might be tempting to print it on bright red paper or fluorescent paper (remember those days?), but there’s probably a barrage of applicants who are going to do the same, and it looks tacky anyway. Plus, with a lot of empowers recruiting online these days, you might not even have an option to print at all!

Remember, your CV is there to get you to the interview
A CV’s main purpose is to get you to the next burden – the coveted job interview, and from there you take over.

For jobs seekers this is the step that requires great deal of care and holds vital significance in the whole process of job hunting. If you’ve been looking for work for a while and haven’t had a single interview request, then pay attention – it may be down to your CV!

Here are some tips to help your CV (parts of which you’ll use in an online application, anyway) come up trumps:

Using one standard CV for every kind of job just won’t do!
If you’ve recruited before, you’ll know how frustrating it is to receive a CV that has nothing to do with the job vacancy. It makes it clear that the job seeker has just made many printouts of one CV and sent it to all the employers… Meaning they don’t really care too much about this particular job.

At best, you’ll get a rejection letter with this approach – but you’ll likely find your CV hitting a virtual or physical trash basket each time…no wonder you’ve jot had any job interviews!

What employers are actually looking for is a CV which has been created for them only…or at least looks that way, so you need to tweak your CV to take into account the jobs spec and job description of the job you’re going for So substantial care if required.

Check for spelling and grammar
Be true to yourself – if you know that you lack an eagle eye when it comes to your spelling and grammar, let someone who does take a look over your CV so avoid embarrassment or rejection at the first hurdle.

Lack of details
At times irrelevant information is provided and relevant information seems to be missing from the Resume/CV. Therefore, we need to make sure that the key information will remain present there. Remain to the point and not to mention irrelevant details. However, do list about your accomplishment in a story form.

Incorrect contact information
If you don’t provide the right information, you won’t be contacted – it really is as simple as that! So, check your CV to make sure it has your correct mobile number and house number. Is the email address on your CV the one that’s linked to your smartphone, or the old email address you had when you were a student, that you now only check once a year because it’s full of spam?

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