Mind your cheesy feet please!

Public transport is such a cheap shot when we want something to moan about, because quite frankly, from the sweaty trains to the inaccurate train times, there is something to gripe about every day of the weak.
I?m going deeper than that and talking about how nasty people can be on the trains in particular. Nose pickers and feet lifters, you know who you are!

On Friday, I was on the train and after swishing on the last bit of lipgloss, my eyes were drawn to unpedicured feet. Not great first thing in the morning, so lucky for me that I do breakfast when I get to the office.

Upedicured, cheesy, crusty feet on a seat that I could well be sitting sometime in the future. It started off with one foot at the edge of the seat? I grimaced and looked away, but when the foot actually got higher until it was on the actual seat, I had to whip my phone out ? almost chipped my nail varnish so I wouldn?t miss the snap.

Then low and behold, the nasty put both feet on the seat? so that?s when I took the second snap! How vile?

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