Don't you want something different for yourself this Mother's Day?
Don't you want something different for yourself this Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner now – do you know what you’re getting this year? Breakfast in bed, a card your child made at school or nursery for you? Maybe a present from an older child, or a bunch of flowers from your other half…


Without sounding all doom and gloom, unless you get a present equal to a round-the-world in 90 days ticket for Mother’s Day, you’ll be back to square one (normality) on Monday – still hating your job, maybe thinking about the business you wish you knew how to start, or just needing a way to earn extra money.

That’s why we’ve come up with the top five things you should get yourself for Mother’s Day:

1.      A decent mobile phone

If you’re still using the cheapest pay-as-you-go mobile phone because you just can’t be bothered (or are terrified) to get into the latest technology, you are literally living in the dark ages. If you really want to make a change to your life and maximise on all opportunities then you need to use all your available options – and a mobile that can send and receive email, connect with social networking sites…and basically do more than just make and receive phonecalls is a must.

2.      Buy a good suit

Whether you are looking for a new job, or venturing on a new business, a good suit is a must – you never know when you’ll need it, and buying one out of desperation can only mean one of two things:

i)                    you buy an overly expensive one when you don’t need to

ii)                   you buy a cheap and budget-looking suit because you ran out of time

3.      Invest in yourself

Our friends in the US are so used to spending money for everything – life coaches, getting their hair and nails done…but they still raise children and work and juggle all types of activities as much as we do. And they don’t have any more money than we do – they certainly don’t get the benefits that UK mums get.

Investing in yourself isn’t all about what you look like – but invest in knowledge. For example, if you’ve always wanted to make money running your own blog, or wish you knew how to make money freelancing, but don’t know where to start our Money Making Mums Challenge is perfect for you.

4.      Get organised

You organise your children and your household, so you have the skills and experience to organise other things in your life. Start by getting a good diary (I’m a huge fan of the Filofax), and start writing everything you need to do down. If you are happy to use your phone, then save events and appointments in your calendar. The key is to get yourself into a routine where you are used to planning and organising your work, children and everything else so that you can:

i)                    free up time for yourself – even if it’s to think and take stock of your life and where you want to see yourself going in the future

ii)                   take small steps towards achieving success in your business

iii)                 train your family to know that you also need time to do your own things, and that they need to respect that – they will if they see you are serious about it.

5.      Stop talking yourself out of making a change in your life

If you hear a little voice in your head telling you that you might fail if try to achieve something, or you are afraid of biting the bullet in case you bite off more than you can chew – or you think having children to take care of means you’re too busy to start a new course, or change your career then tell that voice to hush!

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