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Natalie Trice, Tally PR
Natalie Trice, Tally PR, enjoys the best of both worlds - success in business and work-life balance

Natalie Trice, 36, is mum to two young boys and also runs her own PR company, Tally PR ( She tells why she took the plunge, and how she juggles a young family with the demands of a successful business.

What work did you do before you set up your company?
I have always worked in PR – mainly broadcast (Cartoon Network, CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel) and charities (Sense, Scope and Earthwatch). Before this I worked for PR agencies in London and this gave me a solid basis and foundation for my career, and now business.

How did you fund the business?

Profit in first year
First year ends this April

What was the motivating factor for staring your own business?
With two litte boys under three it soon became apparent that working for a PR agency (or any business) could be tricky! I knew that I had the skills and experience to do some great work for businesses out there who don’t understand PR, have been burnt before or think PR is out of their reach. I had to believe that I could use all my past roles to make Tally PR a success and just go for it!

I got a new-look website – – and started networking, using social media and getting out there and know that once I did this and got a couple of clients there was no stopping me.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
I have a great balance between my personal life and career by building up Tally PR. I love the freedom of being able to do what I want, to take on the clients I believe in and enjoy working with – and of course seeing the [media] coverage!

I also love being in control of my hours and my destiny. I have a great nanny and the boys are very happy and know that mummy works but also loves them very much. I am very lucky to have this balance and know that when the boys are both at school I will still have my skill set and not go back to basics. I also think it is a positive role model for my sons.

Running a business can be a mixed bag sometimes. What have been you highs and lows so far?
The highs are winning great clients and then seeing them in national press and online – that is a real buzz for me and why I do this job.

The low was writing a very detailed proposal for a potential new client who then took my ideas, used them but didn’t ever come back to me, however I live and learn!

How have you managed to stay on top of your career with the demands of motherhood while running a business?
I am very organised, which is a great help. I have a BlackBerry so I stay in touch with clients and media and this also means I don’t have a massive, clogged up inbox on my work days.

I have a brilliant nanny for the boys and also have a cleaner once a week and use online supermarket shopping.

I take on the work I can deal with and do very well, rather than taking on everything and doing it badly. My husband also runs his own business and is very supportive and understanding of my venture.

How has running your business impacted on your relationship with your partner and children?
Having Tally PR makes me happy, gives me an outlet for my adult brain and this has a positive impact on the rest of my life with my sons, husband, wider family and friends. It makes me feel like I am more than “mummy” and sometimes that is nice.

Any tips for expectant mums, or mothers who feel that you can’t have a successful career and a happy family life at the same time?
If you believe in yourself, have a goal and get support – then go for it! Working gives you a great sense of self belief and something else other than nappies to talk about, and sometimes that is healthy. Remember to be you, and if you have a dream you need to follow it. Also, be kind to yourself, don’t expect the world in a week – small steps lead to great things.

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