Azaria PR

PR Agency specialising in family brands, including baby, parenting, children and teenagers.

Contact: Amber Steventon E-Mail: -or- Tel: 01604 217 000

Tally Communications

Tally Communications is a new PR consultancy that works with the lifestyle sectors. Tally Communications specialises in working with small companies and start-ups who think PR is only for the big boys.Over 13 years of experience with global brands is now being used to help ...READ MORE

Eurydice PR

Professional PR and marketing services in the ethical and environmental arena, specialising in beauty, fashion, health, travel and other consumer lifestyle sectors. With creativity and understanding of your brand, together with true passion for the environment, we are supported by Response Source media alerts and ...READ MORE


The London PR Agency

Media relations consultants/PR services

Contact: Liz Pearson E-Mail:; Tel: 0207 1930566